Different Cat Breeds and How to Choose the Best One

Choosing cats based on their breeds is hard. Unlike dogs, felines cannot be fully differentiated because they all seem to look alike. However, cats have distinct traits and attributes that make them unique. It is necessary for you to know the differences in cats as this knowledge can help you pick the right breed that suits your lifestyle.

Cats are great companions. They are fluffy and cute. Like dogs, they come in breeds based on their personality and behavioral traits. To enjoy the companionship of this furry friend, it is necessary to choose one that matches your schedule and needs.

With different types available, you shouldn’t make the mistake to choose just any breed. While some felines are low maintenance, others love to train and exercise regularly. So, before you make any choice, take your time and research the different kinds available. If you would like to learn more about this, check out this cat breeds review online for helpful tips.

Now, let us go over some significant factors to consider and how you can get the perfect cat breed for you and your family. Let’s begin!

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cat Breed

Here are some important factors that you should keep in mind:

Behavioral Traits

Different felines have very distinct traits. Naturally, all cats are independent and have hunting instincts. However, some display these traits more than others. Some breeds love to socialize around people, while some are quiet and mild. 

If you have children, you need to keep the behavioral traits of the pet in mind. Since some felines can be possessive, you need to make sure to get a feline that has a gentle and mild nature. The Maine coon and ragdoll are examples of such calm-mannered pets.

Care and Grooming

The appearance of the breeds is also important to consider. You may decide to get a cat because of its beautiful coat or eye color combination, but would you have time to care for its coat? All felines require grooming but some need this daily. 

Long-haired cats need daily maintenance than short hair ones. They always produce more hairballs than their counterpart. Grooming these cats regularly helps to reduce the risk of matted fur and loose hairballs floating around your home. For ways to groom your pet, you can check here: https://pets.webmd.com/cats/guide/cat-grooming


If you love big cats, you need to keep in mind your home size, the behavioral trait of the pet, and your lifestyle. Some big cats like the Norwegian forest are hyperactive, while the Maine coon is a mild and gentle big feline.

Energy Level

Some cats love to stay indoors, while others like to go out and socialize with others. If you are an introverted person that likes to stay indoors, it is best to get a pet with that same attribute. Some breeds that love to stay indoors include the sphinx and Scottish fold. Your home size and environment can also affect this decision.


In contrast with what people say, there is no such thing as a hypoallergenic cat. Those who have allergies react to a protein from this feline’s sweat and saliva. All felines produce this protein so you can’t say that there is a non-allergenic pet. However, some breeds produce less of this protein causing allergies more than others, especially female light-colored ones. 

Since humans’ immune system differs, it is advisable to stay with a particular breed before buying it to see if you would have an allergic reaction or not.


You can choose to get a breed based on its age. A kitten requires care and attention. It needs to be supervised regularly so it doesn’t get into trouble. When you properly raise a kitten, it will grow up to be responsible and friendly to the family.

For older cats, you may not put in a lot of time and effort in training, but they may already have behaviors bad /personalities formed. You would have to take your time in shaping this personality into what you want. If you would like to know helpful tips on how to train an adult cat, you can read this article.

How to Choose the Right Cat Breeds

Here are some important things to follow when making this decision:

Know Your Needs

When it comes to knowing what you need, some important factors affect this. Here are some of these:

Your Lifestyle

What is your schedule like? Are you always at home during the day or are you always busy? You must ask yourself these questions. You want to choose a feline that will best fit your schedule and lifestyle. 

Your Family

Do you have children? If you do, then look for breeds that are kids-friendly. Some furry friends are not exactly friendly to children. They might be jealous and possessive and harm the kids. To avoid such a situation, make sure you get a pet that is good with children.

Your Preferences

You might have what you like most about a breed. It could be the size, color, coat length, or eye color. But whatever your preferences are, ensure to keep your schedule in mind. How so? You may want a long-haired breed. This is your preferred choice but you need to keep in mind the time to spend grooming and caring for the hair. So even when you choose based on preference, always have in mind your lifestyle and schedule.

Carry out Research

You can ask your friends and family to recommend a breed for you. If you do not have acquaintances with feline friends, then use the internet for your search. Go online and look for the type of cats you want. Check for the personalities of each type and also keep in mind their medical health history.

Contact the Adoption Center

Look for a center that has the type of cat you want. Make sure you check the reputation of the place online and ask them for their license. You need to be sure that the center takes care of their animals and breeds them in good condition.

You can also ask to see the health history of the breed you wish to get. A reputable center will not hesitate to provide you with this information.


Each cat is unique and makes a good feline companion in the right home. Keep in mind your need, schedule, and budget to be able to choose right one.

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