Benefits of Outsourcing Your Custom Software Development

Custom software development is based on advanced platforms and technologies and carried out precisely according to the client’s needs. Our experience in outsource custom software development services¬†allows us to implement projects of varying scale and complexity, up to and including distributed enterprise systems.

Cloud, web and mobile applications are extremely trendy today. Usually all these software systems are Desktop applications for Windows and Linux – they are still reliable working tools for many types of businesses.


  • Development from scratch
  • Application integration and customization
  • Migration and modernization of existing systems
  • Continuous improvement and support
  • Project Rescue

When developing software to order, different technologies may be used for a particular task. For example, Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle as data storage and processing tools; .NET, Java, C/C++, Delphi/Pascal, Visual Basic as development tools; for writing web applications – ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, HTML, VBScript, Java-script, etc.

Custom software development is carried out precisely in accordance with the business tasks and IT strategy of the customer. The software we develop is guaranteed to include all the functions required for the customer’s business, easily integrates with other information solutions of the company and allows you to increase the functionality of the system as new business requirements arise.

The advantages of custom software:

  • Individual approach to the customer, development and implementation of information solutions in accordance with the IT strategy of the customer company.
  • Substantial addition to existing solutions, expanding the functionality of the system and the composition of business processes.
  • Individual information systems include only the necessary functions for the customer, without overloading and complicating the infrastructure.
  • Ability to constantly change the functionality of information systems in accordance with new business requirements and legislation.
  • Integration of applied information systems of the customer.

In other words, an information system, built for a particular company is a unique product, corresponding to all requirements and individual characteristics of the customer, taking into account the conditions of work, prospects and the dynamics of the organization. Besides, custom software development often becomes a necessary addition to an already implemented out-of-the-box solution and enables to increase functionality of an existing system.

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