The Vatican national football team

Most of the countries recognized by the United Nations, which is basically who decides if a country exists or not, have national football teams. The betting platform can be visited to wager on all the national teams from the world. There are a few entities that are not nations recognized by this organization but that still have a national team of their own. Examples of this are Scotland or Wales, who are part of the United Kingdom.

However, there are other cases of countries who are internationally recognized but don’t have competitive national teams. This is the case with the Vatican. While this country is fully located within Roma, the capital of Italy, it is still an independent and sovereign nation separate from Italy. The 1xBet website is also the best site to start betting on the Italian national squad.

When it comes to football, the Vatican has a national team of their own. It is part of FIFA, but it is not part of UEFA or of any other continental football confederation. That’s the reason why, despite geographically being located in Europe, the Vatican squad doesn’t participate in FIFA or UEFA tournaments.

Very few matches

The fact that the Vatican national squad is not part of UEFA means that it can only play unofficial friendly matches. The best football bet online from 1xBet also features matches of this squad. Since 1985, they have played less than 50 football contests in total. Yet, some of their opponents have been fully established football squads. Some of them are:

    • Borussia Mönchengladbach;
    • the China Olympic Team;
    • and the Palestine national football team.

Punters can experience great things from 1xBet, including the chance to make their best football online bet on these squads. There are a few teams that have played more than a few matches with the Vatican national squad. Some examples are Borussia Mönchengladbach, the Monaco national team and FC Azzurri Schaan from Liechtenstein.

An Illustrious coach

Despite being an amateur team, the Vatican national team had a world-class coach at some moment: Giovanni Trapattoni. It is possible to visit – make your live bet now on squads coached by such high-profile managers.

Trapattoni coached some of the best football teams in the world during his career. Examples include Bayern Munich, Juventus, Milan, Inter Milan and even the Italian national football team. However, at some moment, he publicly stated that he wanted to become the coach of the Vatican after his retirement. You can make your live bet now on 1xBet on all the teams were coached by Trapattoni.

His brief spell in front of the Vatican was in 2010. His squad played against many amateur teams from Italy and the Vatican itself.


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