The advantages of custom software development

The market of IT-services offers great opportunities for the realization of any ideas. Do you want a modern web-portal? – There is nothing simpler. A multi-tiered corporate system with database integration and its own unique interface? – They can do it too!

The most complex and time-consuming issues can be solved by custom software development. Why is it that despite the solid cost of software development services, people order them more and more often? The benefits you get when you turn to custom software development services are invaluable. And it is not only a wide range of specialization of a future program, whether it is web applications on ASP Net or .net development of desktop or mobile applications. Still, you need a little more experience and expertise than for the same WordPress-site.

Why do you need to develop an exclusive design

The development of a unique and unrepeatable design requires more time than mimicking an existing design. A professional designer, a professional layout designer, and a usability specialist (a specialist who makes the application more usable) are all paid separately. However, in niche companies, most often there is only one specialist who does all of the above-mentioned work. This situation explains the relatively low cost of software development.

What the process of creating mobile applications looks like

Getting Started

Many people think that mobile app development is simple, and all that is needed is a brilliant idea. Meanwhile, things are a bit more complicated. The creator should understand that the competition today is so great that it is very difficult to find an idea or solution that doesn’t already exist. Moreover, even if he succeeds, there are still many ahead of him.

Project sketch and its development

The next necessary step is to create a prototype of the application. This is his “skeleton”. At this step, it is worth using the help of professionals who will suggest the best solutions. Development of a sketch allows you to determine what functionality the software can have and assess whether it is possible to create it (technically). During this stage, all creative ideas are welcome, including those that may affect the appearance and functions of the application.

Testing and Deployment

Before the app is made available to a wider group of recipients, it is worth conducting professional tests to tell if it is intuitive, can be handled by any users, etc. Tests are also needed to detect any bugs and problems that arise when using the program. If you get your development order from a professional company, they will perform all the steps mentioned above and put a huge emphasis on testing the final product.

The last and best step in creating a mobile application is its implementation. What is behind this term? Simply put – this is the moment when you need to put it in the hands of users, for example, by adding it to the Google Play store and making sure it is properly promoted. At this point, you need to be vigilant and pay close attention to user comments. They will not only help find bugs that the creator missed, but also help in subsequent updates and adding new features.

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