Simple Ways to Add Volume to Hair

Not everyone is born with thick, full hair with bouncy waves. It seems to last only a short time if someone has voluminous hair. If you are looking for ways to add volume to flat hair, you have come to the right place. 

From blow-drying processes to using hair volume spray, we have provided you with many tips on how to add volume to your hair. Using this straightforward advice, you may give your hair more volume, enhance its quality, and even help prevent future hair loss due to damage. Whether you are battling thin hair genes, dealing with thinning hair, or want a big, bouncy haircut, read these bits of advice to know how to add volume to your hair.

1. Shampoo and Conditioner for Volumizing Hair 

Using the right products in the shower will help you get thick, voluminous hair. Instead of a vanilla cake mix, you would use a chocolate cake mix if you wanted to bake a chocolate cake. Similarly, you shouldn’t accept regular shampoo and conditioner if you want strong hair. Instead, look for hair products that are made explicitly for volume. They are lightweight, intensely cleansing, and designed to give your hair the most body possible. 

2. Wash Hair Properly

What you use in the shower is essential, but so is how you use it. The way you wash your hair is especially crucial if you have fine hair or hair that has been damaged. Keep your conditioner at the ends and your shampoo at the roots to avoid wasting time and money on unnecessary washes. With this approach and the correct volumizing shampoo, you’ll need to wash your hair less frequently, which may reduce the risk of damage. Fine hair can seem greasy quickly.

3. Blot Your Hair Dry

You may have voluminous hair even if you don’t blow-dry it. Because we all know that heat styling can have some harmful effects on hair. Avoiding using the blow dryer can have substantial benefits that considerably contribute to the growing volume. 

You might wonder how to add volume to your hair without using a curling iron. Blot-drying your hair can help keep it unharmed, which is vital for maintaining volume. Drying fine hair takes extra care since it is more prone to breaking and is significantly more brittle while moist. When you get out of the shower, gently pat your hair dry rather than rubbing it vigorously with the towel. Whether you have natural hair or a wig from Heat Free Hair, this technique will serve you well. 

4. Try an Old-School Styling Technique

Hairstyling is not only about blow-drying or using a curling iron. Our mothers and grandmothers frequently used rollers to style their hair, and although we now have new pieces of equipment, this age-old technique is still the best method to get voluminous curls. When your hair is nearly dry, roll it up from the crown and down from the ends toward the root using big Velcro rollers. Once your hair has completely dried, take them out to reveal big, bouncy waves that you may brush out or let alone.


Applying hair products should always be done with the philosophy that “less is more” if you want lovely hair. Start a little and add more as necessary. This will prevent your hair from wilting and falling out due to product build-up.

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