Complete Guide On How To Play Carrom Online and Best Apps

One of the most played games is carrom which is played mostly among all of us. This game appeals to almost everyone, regardless of age. It becomes more exciting when we start playing it online on mobile devices. These days carrom board games can be played on the internet where we and our friends can play. In essence, these online carrom games provide us with the chance to compete in various tournaments against gamers from across the globe. You will be deemed the winner if your cunning allows you to win every round. Learn how to play carrom online on your smartphone and about the best carrom game apps in this blog.

Carrom is one of the most popular games played globally 

Best online carrom board apps 

  • Carrom Pool

The game of carrom pool is fantastic. Miniclip developed Carrom Pool. We are all aware that Miniclip is an excellent gaming company that makes a wide range of online games, including Carrom Pool, which is well-liked by players. In the carrom pool, you could get a genuine encounter that unquestionably enhances your gaming experience. Both online and offline options are available for playing with your friends. The game’s flexibility is increased by including two multiplayer modes, Carrom and Disc. This game is free to play so that everyone can take part.

  • Carrom Friends

As the name of this amazing game implies, you may have a great time playing carrom with all of your friends. This game has a tonne of modes and fantastic features. Other game options are available, such as multiplayer 1v1 and 2v2 carrom matches. The built-in AI of the game is available to play challenging matches with you in offline modes, as can be shown. Delhi, Mumbai, Riyadh, Tokyo, and San Francisco are just a few of the various lobby locations in this game. You may play there based on the worth of your coins.

  • Carrom Stars 

A terrific game with many features and abilities is called Carrom Stars. The talents won’t be available until you reach a certain level and have the necessary monetary worth. This game offers excellent physics and a realistic gaming environment. You’ll get access to new stickers after unlocking them. There are several different carrom competitions available. You could also succeed in the tournament if you have sufficient skills and a good shot. You may check your place on a global rating list there. You can be qualified to win a range of monetary prizes if you go further in this game.

Online Carrom Strategies

The advice and techniques of how to play carrom online are listed below are:

  • Knowing the board

If you carefully examine the board, you will already be in the lead. Every line on the board, including the striker line and foul lines, must be understood before playing a game. You may easily beat your opponent if you have the necessary understanding of them. Know your board’s strong and weak edges as well. A decent angle for your striker might sometimes be created by employing these edges.

  • Value of the pieces 

The key to winning a game of carrom or how to play carrom perfectly is understanding the worth of each coin. Respected coins like the white, black, and red ones have various worth. The sticker itself, as well as each sort of coin, has its own set of points and penalties. In order to identify the colour of the coin you intend to strike, you need to play attentively. One little error might cost you and cause you to miss the opportunity.

  • Trick shots

In the game of carrom if you want to know how to play carrom perfectly then playing trick shots is enjoyable and crucial. A trick shot may sometimes result in the potting of many coins, giving the player a significant lead and making the opponent’s game difficult. Additionally, it will demoralize your adversary, keeping you in control. However, you should only attempt these trick shots if you are certain of the outcome and the shot’s need since failure to do so might result in a penalty. 

  • Breaking

A crucial aspect of the game is breaking. In essence, you must use our striker to hit the bag of money placed in the centre of the board. To prevent the coins from collecting in the corner, you must break them properly. A good break will always give you the upper hand, letting you dominate throughout the game.


After reading this article, hope you are satisfied with your knowledge about the best carrom board game applications and the best instructions for how to play carrom online in India. You can win the games if you have sharp talents and are knowledgeable about all the techniques. 

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