Breast lift (Mastopexy)

Chest sagging that causes the shape of the chest to change Chances can happen to women of all ages. In addition to occurring for many reasons These changes also resulted in concern. Not confident in choosing to wear fashionable clothes and lack of self-confidence Breast lift surgery is one of the most common options for women to correct sagging breasts.

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What is breast lift?

Breast lift (Mastopexy) refers to a surgical procedure to correct the shape of the sagging breasts. Lack of firmness of the skin and lack of flexibility along with stitching to tighten the muscles inside to make the breasts look tight and fit But the breast lift surgery is different from the normal breast augmentation. because it solves the problem of sagging breast

Breast lift surgery Special resolution is required. And it is difficult because it is a cosmetic surgery to remove excess sagging skin. and inserting silicone to add firmness to the breasts to be beautiful and plump again

The degree of sagging of the breasts

Trouble with loose and sagging breasts Caused by the loss of elasticity of the skin around the chest The characteristics of sagging breasts are divided into 4 levels: normal sagging. slightly sagging moderate sagging and very slack Each level of breast sagging has different characteristics as follows:

Level 1 Slightly sagging

Breasts are slightly sagging or Normal. The nipples are in the center of the breast. straight pointing perpendicular to the front Slightly sagging breasts There is still no need to tighten. Because the breast and nipple levels are considered normal, they are shaped and still beautiful.

Level 2 moderate sagging

Moderately sagging breasts, or Mild level, the appearance of the breasts and nipples will drop slightly. Breast lift surgery may not be necessary. But it depends on the satisfaction. If you want to lift, you can do it.

Level 3 moderate sagging

Breasts are sagging like moderate or Moderate level, milk birthmarks and nipples are pointing downwards until noticeable. The appearance is about 1-3 cm lower than the chest base, causing many people to have breast lift surgery. to increase self-confidence

Level 4 is very slack.

Breasts are very similar or Severe level is a problem that makes it difficult for many women to dress because their breasts are very sagging. The birthmarks and nipples are clearly pointing downwards. Appears to be lower than the base of the chest, nipples pointing down. Almost parallel to the body Lifting surgery is for the purpose of lifting the breast tissue to the proper position.

Causes of sagging breasts

– increasing age especially during menopause This weakens the pectoral muscles or the breast line. As a result, the breasts look saggy.

– Overdoing it in the wrong way to lose weight is another cause of sagging breasts, such as dieting and strenuous exercise. When the weight is lost quickly, it can tighten the muscles and cause the chest fat to disappear quickly. This causes the breasts to sag due to excess skin. The milk will be liquid and saggy.

– Pregnancy or having children Because during pregnancy and lactation The breasts will expand hormones to create the mammary glands and produce enough milk to meet the baby’s needs. But after giving birth or stopping breastfeeding, the mammary glands stop producing milk. This results in a smaller breast size. and have the opportunity to slack

– Sagging breasts from health problems such as long-term illness or smoking cause rapid weight loss. It is one of the reasons that can cause sagging breasts.

– Heredity is another reason that can cause sagging breasts, such as those with a hereditary history of large breasts. There is a chance of sagging breasts more easily.


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