A Complete Guide About 8 Ball Pool Rules

In 8 ball pool, you must hit the cue ball with the object ball in a certain way to score a point. The rules vary from game to game and are loosely based on the pool’s history. This article will provide an overview of the 8-ball pool and some of its key rules so that you can have an idea of what’s happening when you’re playing with friends or online.

The goal of an 8-ball pool is to be the first player or team to score eight points before your opponent. Points are accumulated by legally pocketing balls in a game, which occurs in all games of 8-ball pool when either player legally pockets their eighth ball.

Types of 8-ball pool

8-ball pool variations exist in several forms, including straight pool, rotation, English billiards and one-pocket.

8-ball pool rules for straight pool

To begin the game, the balls are racked at the end of the table, with the one ball positioned at the “head” of the rack (the end nearest to you) and on. The ball in contact with it is, and a stripe is. The rest of the red balls will be on that side of the table. Hitting any solid ball before strips or pocketing a solid-coloured ball is a loss of turn.

At Gamezy Fantasy sports app, each player is assigned one of the corners of the table from which to shoot. The player must begin their turn by shooting. The player must contact both the one ball if they wish to score a point. Otherwise, it is a loss of turn. A “stand” refers to shooting at and making contact with any part of the cue ball where it impacts the object ball. A “push” refers to shooting at or making contact with and allowing the cue ball to bounce off the object.

8-ball pool rules for rotation

A rotation pool differs from a straight pool in that it is played with slightly different rules. This table shows the position of the balls in rotation as they relate to the table and you. The one ball is, while the eight ball is.

The rotation pool is played with all the balls racked. A player’s turn consists of either shooting at and making contact with the one ball, or if they choose to push, they may shoot at and make contact with one of the other seven solid balls.

8-ball pool rules for English billiards

English billiards is home to some rules found in many other forms of 8-ball pool. In English billiards, the object ball is placed on both, with the cue ball on. Because there are nearly as many balls to hit as in a straight pool, shooting at and contacting one ball is a legal shot. If contact is made with any other ball, it counts as a loss of turn. The same applies to pushing if you were to shoot at. If a player shoots, the cue ball must contact any object ball and then one of the other balls before it hits. If the cue is simply pushed, contacting any of the balls is legal.

8-ball pool rule for one-pocket

One pocket is played with three balls on each side of the table, with two corner pockets and a centre pocket. The one ball is placed next to the cue ball on the head rail of the table by the head referee.

The goal of one-pocket is to get all three balls into one pocket so that you score a point. You can legally pocket a ball if you put it in or hit it with your cue . . If a combination of balls cannot be placed in a pocket, it is a loss of turn. A standing foul occurs when players break out their cue while they have at least one ball in play.


If you’re just starting to learn about 8-ball pool and want to play it but are having problems, you should consider getting a book or two on the rules of the pool. This article is great for providing an overview of the rules and their history, but it won’t show you how to play. With that said, you can start playing 8-ball pool by using a program such as 8-ball pool online multiplayer. Eight-ball pool game rules, also known as the pool, is a game popular all over the world, and it’s one of the most played games today, with more than 20 million players.

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