Types of Mail-Order Brides Are Found on International Dating Sites

In today’s world, finding someone to share your life with and get married to is easy, thanks to the internet. International online dating sites are where most men and women meet their future life partners. They can meet potential life partners, marry them and even start a family.

Match, for example, caters to people who are willing to travel and spend time together. That may seem too difficult, but the internet allows you to meet people across the globe. After you’ve signed up, you’ll receive their newsletter, which is a direct, free way to talk to your potential date. You can even call each other directly through their online dating application.

There are thousands of international dating sites. If you’re looking for Ukrainian brides, it can be difficult to find a person who’s up for the journey. That’s where many international dating sites, like the European-based ones, come in. These sites often offer a variety of options to choose from. You can search based on various features like gender, ethnicity, age, and, of course, country. In this review, we will talk about what types of mail-order brides are found on international dating sites.

6 Types of Mail-Order Brides on Dating Sites

I think men are generally drawn to certain types of brides and there are some things men are attracted to, while others would be a no-no. So, do you want to learn about the kind of women men prefer? Here are the major types.

#1 – The Sexy One

Highlights: These women are hot, they have great bodies.

Most girls in this category come with makeup, and they wear revealing outfits. Some people don’t care, while others love them.

From the AmourFactory review, it became known that such women can be attracted to a more serious and focused man than themselves. They are often “single” and may have a few friends, but they don’t have to date. They are ready to settle down with a rich guy and are looking for a mutually beneficial relationship with him.

#2 – The Homely One

Highlights: The homely women are very friendly, outgoing, fun, and honest. These women can often be very charming when you get to know them, but the first impression they make is not the best.

This kind of woman has a lot of friends, but they tend to only marry, and have a family, with a “nice” man. Because they have not received a lot of positive attention, they don’t like being around people like themselves and are often shy when you first meet them.

#3 – The Beautiful One

Highlights: These women look very glamorous, well-groomed, and have a good sense of style. Many of them come with a high level of education, and some with great job prospects.

To us, this kind of woman is a bit shallow and self-centered. The problem is that if you don’t treat them right, they will treat you right back. These women have a good sense of humor and are always confident. 

The beautiful woman has a lot of friends but only hangs around with the most successful and the most popular guys. She’s not shy but is rather the talker, which makes her not the best listener, too.

#4 – The Serious One

Highlights: The serious woman is a little bit of everything. This kind of woman can be outgoing and outgoing, or shy and shy.

The serious woman is hardworking, honest, and loyal. She may be a little bit of a “gut feeler” and likes to be around fun guys. The serious woman is a natural-born leader, but she also likes to follow a guy with some experience in life.

She doesn’t want to date guys who drink or party and is more willing to settle down with a guy with an unblemished past. She is a very “principled” woman and expects her man to be the same.

#5 – The Intelligent One

Highlights: The intelligent woman is the polar opposite of the serious woman.

The intelligent woman is serious but not at the same time. She is hardworking but knows how to have fun. She is outgoing and very charming. She is more interested in having a friend than “boyfriend material.” She has a lot of friends, but no real guy friends. She might be a workaholic, but at the same time, she doesn’t play too hard.

The intelligent woman is great at communicating with people and understands many things. She can be intellectual, but she is also a good girl. She will listen to you, and respect you.

#6 – The Fun One

Highlights: The fun woman is very open and friendly. She is not much of a talker but is very social and easy to get along with. She has a great personality, and doesn’t get “stuck up.”

She is pretty friendly and has a lot of friends, but is not the type to go out of her way to make you feel welcome. She is not “crowded out” when you try to talk to her, but she may make an effort to keep up with you. The fun woman is more about having a good time and going out to hang out with her friends, but she doesn’t make a big deal out of it.

Which Сountries  Have the Most Mail-Order Brides?

The vast majority of mail-order brides are women who are from countries in Eastern Europe, such as:

  • Bulgaria;
  • Romania;
  • Ukraine;
  • Russia;
  • Belarus;
  • Kazakhstan, and Latvia. 

According to The Telegraph, the European Union, including its constituent countries and some others, has the most mail-order brides in the world. Most of them use topforeignbrides.com to find foreign husbands. A report released in January by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) claims that there are approximately 10.5 million mail-order brides in the EU. Though it is unclear how that number is calculated, they also claim that some of the European countries have become the largest exporters of brides to North America.

Who Marries These Mail-Order Brides?

In the United States, as in other countries, men may marry mail-order brides regardless of their own race, religion, ethnicity, or nationality. It is likely that most men are looking for a young woman who is pretty and fun to be around. In many cases, this is a new experience for men, as they have not met many women from their own country. This can be a great opportunity for all involved. Men who are successful in meeting mail-order brides in their countries will often find themselves with a whole new group of friends.

Mail-order brides may also be looking for husbands who can provide a stable home, a good job, and a caring environment in which to raise children. If a man is willing to settle for less, he is more likely to find himself with a mail-order bride. If he is looking for a bride who will give him a stable home and who will make him a successful provider, then he should expect to pay more money for his bride. In many cases, the women are looking for a place to start their lives over and would settle for less in return.

Why Do Most Mail-Order Brides Choose the United States?

Mail-order brides often use the United States as a temporary stop along their journey of marriage. If she can get an American fiance, she is likely to move to the United States. However, if she does not have an American fiance, she will move somewhere else and try to find one. She may also just try to keep her relationship going in the same place as long as possible. This is particularly common if the man has already married in her home country and he wants to try to stay in her home country. He may even try to stay in the United States longer than he had originally planned. Once he has married her in the United States, she will then have to return to her home country to stay married to him.

For this reason, many mail-order brides end up in the United States. If they are lucky enough to meet a man they enjoy being around, then the two of them can stay in the United States. If they are not lucky enough to find such a man, then they can at least enjoy a temporary home in the United States while they continue their search for a more permanent location.

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