The Top Way To Get Around Dubai While Visiting

Dubai is an extremely expansive and vast cosmopolitan city and attracts a wide variety of tourists all year round. From the world’s tallest skyscraper to human-made islands, a few days are not enough to tick off the list while you’re in Dubai. For this reason, choosing the right mode of transportation becomes important. The mode you pick will play a significant role in ensuring the convenience of your trip and that you stay within your budget. 

While traditional transportation methods such as ride-hailing platforms and taxi services may be safe and accessible in Dubai, they can quickly become expensive. As you travel to more places, taking a taxi might not always be a reliable method either. 

You can also explore public transport options like buses and the metro while exploring Dubai. However, we must warn you about the accessibility of this mode. Door-to-door accessibility, as in the case of having a car, will not be possible. You must also be prepared to travel on a schedule if you’re relying on public transport. Car-sharing, in this regard, is one of the most effective and efficient ways to travel around Dubai conveniently and safely. Recent studies have shown that the number of people that use car-sharing options is expected to reach a total of 60.5 million users by the year 2026. Therefore, as the car-sharing sector continues to transform and accelerate exponentially, it can be a great solution for tourists that wish to easily navigate Dubai during their stay. 

What Is Car-Sharing?

Car-sharing is a transportation model that is primarily designed to allow users to self-drive vehicles for shorter times and distances. Car-sharing applications and solutions enable users to select a particular vehicle and pricing structure that suits their specific requirements. 

This mode of transportation can, therefore, be extremely useful in helping you explore Dubai without having to deal with expensive ride-hailing applications each time you wish to further explore the emirate.  

Benefits Of Car-Sharing While Visiting Dubai:

  1. More Cost-Effective

Traditionally, tourists or short-term visitors would typically be required to either purchase a vehicle or depend on on-demand ride-hailing applications. However, both these options are time-consuming and expensive. You may not be willing or able to financially commit to such a substantial expense for such a short time period. Furthermore, utilizing on-demand ride-hailing services can often be unpredictable.

In this scenario, car-sharing can enable you to enjoy the luxury and convenience of exploring the city with a car at your disposal and without having to commit to a vehicle. 

  1. Wide Variety of Available Vehicles

One of the biggest advantages of this model is the ability to access a more diverse variety of vehicles. Compared to traditional car rental services, car-sharing solutions can enable you to access vehicles of different sizes, price points, and models. For small and big families, you will be able to find a car for your needs every time. 

  1. Comprehensive Solutions

If you’re a first-time visitor in Dubai, you may be eager to start exploring as soon as you land. Traditional car rental services will usually require you to undergo an extensive and time-consuming process to rent, pay for and return a vehicle. Car-sharing services, however, can allow you to locate, reserve, and begin driving a vehicle within minutes. 

In comparison to traditional car renting services, newer applications like ekar require little to no paperwork. They’ll even deliver a sterilized car to your doorstep, should you choose to subscribe to their monthly rental option. You can leverage such applications to travel through Dubai and avoid any hassles.  

  1. Favorable Pricing Models

Most people visiting Dubai are often on a strict budget. However, utilizing on-demand ride-hailing services or even renting a car using traditional services can burn a hole in your pocket. 

Utilizing car-sharing services or car-renting through platforms like ekar will enable you to access vehicles for short or long durations; depending on your requirements at any particular time. You can leverage pay-per-minute, hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly car bookings with such platforms.

Selecting a suitable mode of transportation becomes very important while moving around a city. A car will come in handy while exploring various parts of Dubai. If you want a secure and hassle-free experience with traveling, car sharing might just be your best option. 

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