The Popular and Potent Dried Mushrooms from Online Dispensaries

These mushrooms—also known as magic mushrooms or shrooms—contain psilocybin, a naturally occurring hallucinogen and psychoactive compound. They are frequently discovered in the wild, although they have also been farmed for their hallucinogenic qualities. 

Since many dangerous mushrooms in the woods mimic magic mushrooms, it is cautioned against harvesting them. For instance, although certain magic mushrooms are more effective than others, the fly agaric mushroom is far more potent than the liberty cap mushroom.

After receiving psilocybin therapy, individuals in a small-scale experiment with treatment-resistant depression had decreased neuroticism scores and better receptivity to experience, adaptability, and proactive personality characteristics. Try these dried mushrooms for a wonderful psychedelic experience!


Huautla offers a pleasurable mushroom experience. Any consumer would be happy to try it because of its strong psychedelic effects and pleasant bliss. This enormous therapeutic impact should encourage everyone, especially medical users, to try it. Huautla can significantly boost your mood and creativity while rapidly easing anxiety and despair.

This particular variety of mushrooms originates in Mexico. It features a conic to the hemispheric top and a long, thin stem. It gives off the appearance of a quiet, harmless mushroom without any psychedelic elements. Although Huautla appears to be tiny, it is actually potent. When you try it, you’ll realize this!

Treasure Coast

Original samples of this strain were procured from the Gulf Coast of Southern Florida some time ago. The Treasure Coast strain, a particularly prolific fruiter, is renowned for its capacity to sometimes produce substrains that are albino or almost albino. For some time, wild samples have been domesticated. This strain’s most noticeable characteristic is the sporadic albino spin-offs allegedly created in some batches.

The numerous ripe fruits emerging from the casing trays prove that this variety is a highly prolific fruiter. This variety frequently has pale caramel-coloured crowns that may seem white, if not real albinos. Fruit bodies often have a height of two to five inches, and their crowns typically have a diameter of half an inch to one inch.

White Burma

The Burma (Burmese) strain of cubensis is a fungus that has made its way into western culture due to a supposed single spore print allegedly acquired by John W. Allen and then grown. This particular cubensis species is found in high-density patches throughout southeast Asia. Although it is thought that all Burmas discovered in existence today may trace their ancestry back to that first spore print, it is tough to confirm this assertion with certainty.

Psilocybe Cubensis Mexicana

There have been Psilocybe Cubensis Mexicana mushrooms for a very long time. 2000 years ago, the Aztecs used it as a key component of their magical rites. They could talk to Natural Forces and divine beings through it.

These mushrooms, often known as Mexican Magic Mushrooms or Big Mexicans, provide a relatively moderate yet potent psychoactive high. Because of this, those who are brand-new to psilocybin use should try the Psilocybe Cubensis Mexicana. Your mind will start to bend in unfathomable directions, and your ideas will flow more freely.

Florida White

A guy called Joshua in Florida created this unusual strain for use in commerce after discovering it in the wild. Despite being medium in size, it’s vital to remember that the mushrooms are incredibly thick, giving them a more robust potency than usual. You’ll have strong visuals and a good body high. A higher dosage may cause your body to go numb. Definitely, a fantastic place to unwind with exciting stuff to look at! Optimal combination of stimulation and relaxation.

Blue Meanies

Compared to less uncommon/easier to cultivate strains like the Golden Teacher, Blue Meanies are well renowned for having healthy, high concentrations of psilocin and psilocybin and for being far more hallucinogenic. For instance, the Bali islanders have a long tradition of using mushrooms recreationally during festivals and festivities and for artistic expression (and inspiration). Due to their hallucinogenic properties, Blue Meanies are frequently marketed to travellers and tourists in Bali and surrounding areas.

The crown of the blue meanie measures around 4 cm in width and has a smooth appearance. The mushrooms break when the climate is dry. On the other hand, the gills are closely packed and become grey as the spores develop. The stems are around 12 cm long, and the spores have a dark purple to black appearance. These physical traits are scarcely noticeable, as dried Blue Meanies represent most of those sold online.


It typically takes around 30 minutes for mushrooms to start functioning when consumed whole. The effects of mushrooms can be felt as soon as 10 minutes after consumption; however, sometimes, it might take up to an hour. The peak usually happens three to four hours after intake, the come-down happens between four and six hours, and the come-up usually lasts two hours.

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