Packing to Move your Offices

One of the biggest decisions you can make for your business is to find and buy your own commercial office space Kolkata or where you need to be. But once you have done that you then need to work out what in the old office is moving over, what you need to buy and get the actual move happening. As well as needing boxes suitable for office moving you will also need other packing materials and might want to consider employing an office moving company to help. Take a look at the old office and work out what percentage of things need to move with you and what can you let go of. It is a chance to declutter the office if you have a lot of things you do not really need to hang onto anymore.

Plan out what stays and what goes

If you know that not everything is moving with you then the first step is to work out what is moving, and what is being chucked and start moving things into respective piles or label them. Some use a sticker system, green means it is coming to the new offices, red means it is being dumped. You might have yellow for items you are giving away to other businesses or even charity. This is the time when you are looking for commercial space for sale in Kolkata to start shredding paperwork you don’t need to keep. Have a plan for everything from plants, to files, to equipment to office furniture and more. Start packing things you do not need at hand while your business is operating and keep these things out of the way.

Label everything

As you pack make sure you use the right boxes, it might be that you need extra sturdy boxes for heavy files for example. Also, make sure you have a good labelling system and consider labelling not just on top of the box but also on the sides as if it is part of a stack of boxes and things are on top but you need to see what is in it, this will save you having to move everything off. Make sure anyone who is packing uses detail, the words top desk drawer is not helpful when in the commercial space for sale in Kolkata if there are many people with many desks and many top drawers!

Move your filing cabinets safely

When it comes to filing cabinets that you need to move into your commercial office space Kolkata a lot of people are tempted to just tape them up and move them just like that. The problem is that they are extremely heavy when full and they are the cause of a lot of office moving injuries. If you have chosen to use professional office movers then you can do this as they have the heavy-duty carts to move them with, and the techniques and training. If you have not there is the risk even with it being taped down that drawers slam open so make the effort to move the contents into a box to lighten them.


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