Lessons to learn from the pianist

Present-day students are not very interested in the creative side of education mostly because they have to attend classes over an LMS, which is the learning management system, as guided by the protocols of most institutions and the ERP for school. Now that most students have advanced towards the end of their session, they have a lot of time to have a little recreational fun.

The preference of having fun for students of kindergarten is to go on vacations, or simply relax at home where they don’t have to interact or study. Middle schoolers are completely different and diverse because they are going through a phase in their life, and finally, for high school and university students, there is no such thing as called a break because they constantly have to remain in touch with their studies and cannot go entirely out of focus. 

The best option for high school and university students is trying to relax. This relaxation time can also turn out to be something extremely innovative, provided they make the right choice of activities. Something that is considered only for entertainment, that is watching movies and series, can also be turned into an innovative session if you watch the right kind of movie. One such classic and all-time favorite is the pianist.

The pianist: An overview

The pianist was first released as an autobiography, known by the name the pianist, the extraordinary true story of one man’s survival in Warsaw. In this story, the protagonist, originally known as Adrien Brody played the character role of Wladyslaw Szpilman. 

The story begins with a Jew man trying to survive under the Nazi rule, finding work coupons for himself and his family but ultimately ends up alone in the rubble of the World War while his family is sent off to their ultimate death. The movie has a few values and lessons to teach students that might be important in life.

Survival of the fittest

People consider survival taken lightly. Survival can be different things for different people, for some, it is the requirement and accomplishment of necessities such as food, clothing, and shelter. For others, it might be the satisfaction of other comfortable wants. This movie has the main theme of survival, where the protagonist lives in concentration camps survives in the rubble of the war, and lives through the darkest days and nights without food, clothing, and shelter. 

It proves that in every possible way the worst situations could be put in the life of a person, and they would be expected to act in a certain way to survive. We can take away everything from a man, his family, his standards of living, food, and something as basic as human rights but what we cannot take from a person is his reaction towards things. The protagonist keeps on living, witnessing the horrors of the war. It was his passion itself for playing the piano that got him into and out of most troubles in life, the costs and benefits of which he bears rightfully but the rest of his life. It shows the responsibility of oneself to students well, and the ultimate essence of survival.

For those times when students feel that they are barely passing by and surviving the semester, sometimes it means that they are doing their best vocal training dvd and they should be proud of themselves for it. Everyone has the determination and passion of a pianist, they only need the right efforts to bring out there in her talents not through adverse equations as in the movie, but through personal efforts.


Trying to learn and read history from textbooks and other resources might be very difficult for students. Literature students find it easier to watch a movie or play that they have in their syllabus to reduce their amount of workload. Watching movies can be a good way to understand history, similarly, this movie can make students understand a lot about the internal affairs and workings of the Nazi regime, from a personal outlook.


Music is important in every individual’s life, whether it is a student, working individual, child, or elderly. In the movie The pianist, the protagonist finds a way to survive and remain sane, despite the helplessness, isolating situation, and dehumanization by the Nazis. It was all because of the power of music. Students two should learn to adapt the power of self-belief, if not through the passion for music, but for the passion for anything they’re interested in or their talents.

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