Guide to the Natural Habitat of Betta Fish

Betta fish belong to Asia and survive in ponds, shallow water marshes and light-moving streams. Betta fish has a scientific name; Betta splendens comes from two languages, Malay which represents “enduring fish”, and Latin which expresses the word “shining.” The fish Betta (aka “Siamese fighting fish”) is widely famous among fish lovers. Betta fish are just popular because of their vibrant personalities and sharp colours. Have you ever thought about the natural habitat of betta fish? We have discussed everything about the betta fish and how to provide a natural habitat.

Impacts of Seasonal Changes On Betta Fish Survive

Seasons drastically affect the habitat of betta fish. For instance, the quality of the summer season evaporates the water from streams and ponds, and this phenomenon affects Betta fish lives; small puddles can easily trap them. But fortunately, betta fish have a solution to this problem; according to the Fish Laboratory, Betta fish can also survive without water because of their special organ ‘labyrinth’, which helps to take oxygen from the air in the absence of water. But this can only be helpful for a short period. 

Amazing Tips for Betta Feeding in a Tank Life

Sometimes we need to become more familiar with taking care of Betta fish, and small mistakes are the reason to lose them. If you love betta fish, you must avoid certain mistakes while feeding. Below we have described some amazing feeding tips for Betta fish lovers for their Betta. 

  • Trying to make a schedule for their feeding because overfeeding can be harmful. 
  • Avoid feeding them frozen food because it can cause constipation and threaten their lives. 
  • Set a feeding time; according to the information, you can feed them once or twice a day.
  • Betta fish lovers know that they don’t eat plants, but betta fish love to live with them and work as a hiding place for them.
  • Avoid using old fish food; it can enhance the chances of water contamination and may sick the fish.

Natural Environment for a Betta

Only those environments are always better for betta fish which match the natural home conditions. Most fishes are habitual to living in a warm tropical area; subsequently, it is important to maintain the temperature according to their native living, like 70 to 80 F. Betta fish are air-breathing fish, and they love to live in a colossal & large bowl and quart size aquarium, so you don’t need to provide aeration. As we discussed above, they need specific temperatures and clean water, everyone can’t offer it in a little bowl, but it is not impossible to change the bowl in a large and reasonable home if you want to make an effort for your Betta. 

How Often Should You Change Aquarium Water

If you habitually change the water twice or thrice a week, there are more chances that your Betta fish could suffer from stress. Change just 20% water once a week to prevent them from stress. Most notably, betta fish are customary to water parameters; subsequently, it is crucial to be careful about the water change; frequently, water change can lead to shock and sometimes cause death. Try to use distilled water and set a filter to remove harmful chemicals such as chlorine. We have a quick solution to keep an eye on the aquarium through a test kit to observe the water parameters. You need to keep everything consistent and make sure nitrites

and ammonia maintains at the level of zero. 

What Betta Fish Eat

Betta fish has carnivore properties, they like to eat a high fibre and protein pellet, or you can also serve frozen food like bloodworms and brine shrimp. If fish lovers want a natural diet, they might try insect larvae and small insects as the healthiest diet. The main thing about this food is that it is full of fibre and protein, which are the main essentials for Betta. You also have another option, such as Betta-specific floating pellets, which will float on the water’s surface and be easy to feed when you provide an occasional treat to your Betta. That would be exciting to watch and easy to feed because freeze-dried food decreases the risks of parasite breakout with food. 

Interesting Facts about Betta

  • Siamese fighting fish have a transposon element in their DNA; because of this, they can change their beautiful colours throughout their lifetime. 
  • Male fishes own more texture and waves as compared to females. 
  • Maybe you’ve ever seen Milo, the protagonist of the American Animated Series, a Siamese fighting fish. 
  • When you tap aquarium walls, it causes agitation for Betta. 

Final Thoughts

We have tried to put everything that a Betta fish lover needs to know about the Betta in this little piece of information. You must learn about the Betta’s wild habitat to set up easily or re-create an environment according to their habitat. Remember that a happy Betta is a healthy Betta.

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