Creating a Modern Bungalow Look

When you buy a luxury bungalow in Kolkata you will then want to turn the home into a space that best suits you and meets your needs. If you are especially interested in the modern bungalow look we have some tips here to help you keep it comfortable but bring it up to contemporary times in how it looks and how you use it.

Make sure there is plenty of open space

One important factor for the inside space of a modern-looking home is to have lots of open space. When you are looking for a luxury bungalow for sale in Kolkata look for ones that have those big open spaces, or look at whether you have the budget to create that space when you buy the home and do some work on it. 

Bring in the outdoors

When you make efforts to bring in the outdoors it helps give the home an open and modern feel. Put in glass windows and doors that are larger and let in more light. You could even put in glass walls to bring in your garden and make it feel more contemporary and airy.

Keep your furniture simple and elegant

With the effort to create a modern luxury bungalow in Kolkata you need to make sure you have furniture that is not overly fussy but rather is simple, bright and elegant. Select furniture that has very clean lines so the eyes move easily from inside to outside and around the home. Color is a very personal choice but generally, for a modern home it is a good idea to have a more neutral paint palette for the home with some small pops of color and some darker tones. 

Consider adding some texture

In order to create a MARBLE WORKTOPS bungalow with depth you could add some texture to the rooms. Mixing things like leather and velvet is okay in this type of home. As you choose your furniture and other textiles and decor think about the texture of the materials to make the space more dynamic. Things like furry, shiny, matte and suede for example.

Use natural materials

Modern is all about clean lines, geometric patterns and even using natural materials. Wood, granite, and marble are all good choices for flooring countertops, tiling and such. They are popular choices in modern homes and a good way of adding to the glass that allows the light in from outside. Avoid cluttering things with knickknacks, or overfilling tables or display units, clutter is not good for the modern clean choice. Creating a purposeful balance between the materials you use is also important.


There are more things you can consider such as using modern lighting fixtures and features, having modern appliances in the kitchen, modern bathroom fittings and so on. While you create a modern space in the luxury bungalow for sale in Kolkata make sure it is one you can relax in and enjoy still. It should be a place you love to spend time in, whichever room and whoever you are with.

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