9 Cute Emojis You Can Use When Talking About Your Pets

Communication between different people worldwide has become easier since we used the Internet, and as it evolves, so does the way we converse. The cute emojis have helped us convey our emotions whenever we chat with a friend, a family member, or any other loved one. Emojis have made communicating online more interesting as they can serve as substitutes for words and phrases. The simple “I love you” can be written with a series of hearts and kisses emojis, and different angry emojis can express our disgust and frustration without saying it outright.

We can also use them when talking about our beloved pets. Even parrot emojis are there to signify our unique and exotic pets! Here are some of the cute animal emojis you can use when talking about them.

1. Dog Emoji (🐕, 🐶)

This might be the most common emoji pet lovers use to express their love for the man’s best friend: the dogs. People often use this emoji on the Internet to portray the love and affection they have for their dogs. Some of them may even use it because they’re simply proud of their dogs, be it a show dog, like a poodle (🐩), a service dog (🐕‍🦺), or a guide dog (🦮)

2. Cat Emoji (🐈,🐱)

Everyone will adore this cat face emoji (🐱) that seems to be looking at you with a smiley face. This feline face emoji has a wide variety of expressions, such as a happy cat (😺) and a cat with a kissing face. With this, cat lovers would fully express feelings towards their feline friends.

3. Parrot Emoji (🦜)

Parrots are known for their intelligence and ability to mimic human voices. The amazing talent of these little playful cuties makes them one of the most favored pets in the world. They are low maintenance and easy to train animals, so everyone can enjoy having them in their homes. If you have one or two parrots as pets, try posting a picture today and use the cute parrot emoji.

4. Fish emoji (🐟)

The fish emoji is a perfect emoticon to tell everyone about your beloved fish pets. Some people also use these emojis to refer to fishes they see when they happen to swim with them during scuba diving trips and more. This fish emoji will add more fun to your post or messages on the Internet.

5. Bunny or Rabbit Emoji (🐇,🐰)

These tiny mammals are known for their cuteness. Just like parrots, these low-maintenance pets do not need a lot of attention compared to dogs or cats. Besides, they can be easily bred as nature has given them this ability. With their looks and sweet temperament, there is no wonder that the Internet has emojis of a rabbit.

6. Hamster emoji (🐹)

If you live in a house with less space, a hamster is a good house companion, pet, and friend as well. You only need a small cage where you can put its beddings, food bowl, water sources, and its exercise wheel. It’s an excellent pet for children and adults who love to have a sweet and cuddly pet. With their overwhelming cuteness, hamster emojis have been developed.

7. Snake emoji (🐍)

Snakes are not for the faint of heart. Some pet lovers might still be afraid of this cold-blooded reptile, but we must remember that snakes are important players in providing balance to our natural ecosystem as they get rid of some pests in the wild. Some easy to handle and non-aggressive snakes are considered pets by others. With proper handling and knowledge of this reptile, you would have an exotic and friendly pet in your home.

8. Turtle emoji (🐢)

You can use this green smiling turtle emoji to talk about your cute friend. Turtles are one of the oldest reptiles on the planet and an excellent pet for beginners. They might be slow-moving creatures, but they have one of the longest lifespans in the animal kingdom. They can also be pretty low-maintenance.

9. Pig emojis (🐷🐖)

This pig emoji – with an adorable and friendly face – is usually used to describe your little farm friend. Not many pet owners have pig pets. But when they do, they’d surely strike a strong impression. These pig emojis will surely melt your heart with their cuteness and world-famous flat nose.

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So those are the nine pet emojis that you can use online whenever you want to talk about your pet’s cuteness, skills, and joy that they bring to your life. So if you want to express or bring emotions to your next post on the Internet, make sure that you use these adorable emojis out there.

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