5 Ways to Stay Safe from Online Fraud Using Credit Cards

Credit card scams are on the rise. There have been reports of more than double credit card frauds happening last year compared to the previous one. Post pandemic, most things have moved online, so credit card shopping has become a kind of thing you can’t avoid.

Credit card frauds are then used to extract money from your bank. In some cases, they can also be used to make illegal purchases which could put you in trouble. But there are certain ways to keep yourself safe from this fraud. Following are some of the methods:

1. Don’t Use Credit Card on Fishy or Doubtful Websites

Customers should not submit their credit card credentials on shady websites since the information might be a fraud or a scam. Verify if the URL begins with ‘HTTPS’ to see if the website comprises an SSL certificate. Secure and verified websites always use SSL certificates. If you are an owner of a website, make sure to purchase SSL certificate to make it faster,

2. Keep Your Card Safe and Near to You

The most common method of credit card scams is people stealing your credit cards. And by the time you know it gets the card blocked, it is already too late. Keep your cards close, especially in public transport, because that is where most of the thefts occur.

3. Make Sure to Monitor Your Card Statements

Credit card users should look out for their bills for transactions they did not make. Cardholders can also use this method to verify for fraudulent charges or fines implemented by the bank. Try to frequently open your bank mobile application and keep monitoring the statement.

4. Keep All Transactions Off Except When Needed

Most credit card companies allow customers to turn off their online, internet, or international transactions. This tool can stop online payments without consent, therefore, avoiding any form of online scam. This can generally be done using the bank application; otherwise, you need to contact the bank

5. Activate Fraud or Scam Protection on Your Credit Card

Fraud protection is another feature that most bank credit cards have. Cardholders can purchase additional insurance to save on any credit card fraud. You can also go to your bank and inquire how to activate the fraud protection. Some credit cards already come with it.


Yes, credit card scams have become widespread these days, but if you follow the things mentioned above and take good care of your c, butts, you can avoid falling into the scam. The essential thing is to keep your card and assets insured and ensure that if you are shopping online, the website has an HTML code that demonstrates that the website has SSL certificates and can be trusted. 

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