What is Online Tarot Cards Reading Free?

Tarot cards reading is considered one of the mysterious and complex varieties in the science of cards. It is assumed that such rituals appeared in the Middle Ages, approximately between the 14th and 16th centuries. There are four main free Tarot schools that are considered classical: the systems of Papus, White, Crowley, and Marseille Tarot. 

The difference lies in the numbering of some Arcana and their correspondence to the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. The White system is the most widely used one, while others differ from each other by the images. Tarot cards reading free are interpreted depending on the meanings. Specialists recommended using the meanings from one deck for better understanding.

Features of Tarot cards reading

Before you start leaning the free Tarot cards layouts and reading them, you should carefully study the basics. The deck consists of 78 cards, including the Major Arcana and the Minor one. The Major Arcana are the most important and there 22 such cards. The Minor arcana occupy most of the free online Tarot deck 56 cards, correlate with four Earth symbols Water (the Cups), Fire (the Wands), Air (the Swords), Earth (the Pentacles).

The Free Tarot reading begins with a careful study of the images. They make up an idea about each card, and the images that are associated with the interpretation will help you remember the meaning. It is benficial trying to understand the meanings on your own, after looking at the interpretation in the sources. However, it’is difficult to say which method suits a particular person as Tarot requires an individual approach. The process of mastering  free Tarot card reading takes some time, but it will help correctly interpret the layout in the future.

Rules of free Tarot reading

Practitioners of Tarot reading online argue about the time for starting this procedure: most consider night and after midnight to be suitable for reading. However, the most important point there is the emotional state of the person. There are several principles of Tarot cards reading free:

  • Concentrate on the question or situation, but keep your neutral mood so that desires do not affect how the cards fall. Spreading a layout for yourself is more difficult than for another person whose future the fortune teller worries less about. At first, it is better to make Tarot reading for free for others. 
  • You cannot ask the same question twice. If someone asks about the future for the week, they repeat the alignment when 7 days have passed. There are several reasons: repeated layouts are always vague, they treat a personal deck with confidence. 
  • Cards standing side by side and answering one question must be combined. For example, if next to the “House” card there is an image indicating quarrels or leaving, the interpretation is “quarrels in the house” or “leaving home”. If you can’t figure out the meaning, the case is left for a while. 
  • The final important point is your comfort during free Tarot card reading. They make sure that no one bothers the fortuneteller during the alignment. The cards are laid out on a flat, comfortable surface.

Online Tarot reading for beginners 

A simple variant of Tarot cards reading is the answer YES/ NO from one card. The question can be asked on any topic, the main thing is to correctly interpret the meaning. You should shuffle the deck and pull out at random card, which meaning will be the answer to your question. 

Among the simple Tarot cards reading free, there is one that allows you to determine the past, present and future of a person in a specific situation or regarding relationships between subjects. You need to spread nine images in three rows (three each). The first trio is the past, the second is the present, and the third is the future. Finally, if you want to try something new and more complex, there are many free tarot readings for love, money, work, health, and other important aspects of a person’s life.

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