5 Proven Methods to Engage Customers in Conversation

Humans are social beings. We love connecting and having meaningful relationships with others. The same effect also applies in business. 

To build stronger relationships with customers, businesses must find ways to engage them in conversation. Businesses today are beyond selling products to customers. You do not want to look like you are only after what they can give. Thus, building a relationship with your customers is essential.

Engaging your customers is the most crucial part of a business. But, it is also quite hard to achieve. This article aims to simplify everything regarding customer engagement. Stick around!

1. The Use of Call Center Software

Using call center software is the best way of giving customer service. It brings you closer to customers’ needs and helps you grow.

Call center software aids businesses in managing customer communication over the phone, email, live chat, instant messaging, SMS text, and social media. It includes inbound and outbound communication.

The inbound call center software uses omnichannel features which allows your customer service agents to render service through multiple digital channels. These calls are usually customers seeking support, asking questions, or needing your services. It helps you share the calls with suitable call agents. 

By using inbound call center software, you can reach your customers and solve their problems through any channel. Get the best inbound call center software for your business to experience high customer engagement. 

Outbound, on the other hand, manages outgoing calls. You can use this to contact your customer. It works better when you already have loyal customers. This way, you are sure of what their reply will be.

However, inbound call center software is the best call center software. It has unique features to make your calls with your customers nice and smooth. These features include:

  • Omnichannel Feature: It links all your digital channels to your call center. It enables easy interaction between you and your clients on different platforms. As a result, ensure a smooth flow of your customer service.
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD): It shares incoming calls with your various call agents. This allows for the proper flow of traffic. 
  • Call Recording: It records and stores all incoming calls without an additional recording system.
  • Call Routing: An automatic feature that works with either priority or smart routing. The priority tool sends the longest waiting calls to the next free agent. While smart routing ensures a quick response to calls, it could also randomly assign calls to any available agent.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR): IVR is the best and fastest way to render smooth customer service. It helps route the calls of your client to a suitable customer service agent. It gives your clients options to choose from and then sends their responses to the appropriate unit to work on it.
  • CRM Integration: It lets you integrate your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) within your call center software. As a result, it allows you to access the details of your clients fast and with ease.
  • Call analytics: This feature lets you receive detailed reports on your call center’s performance. 

Overall, all these and more help build and engage your customer using call center software. 

2. The Use of Feedback

Getting feedback from your customers is very important. First, it helps you satisfy your customers better as you will be able to get their complaints, reviews, insights, and engagement.

There are many ways to get feedback from your clients, including surveys, social media polls, and live chat reviews on your website. After getting all the feedback you need, you can use them to analyze the level of satisfaction you give to your customers. 

Also, you can use it to gauge your performance. Lastly, it highlights your weak spots and shows you how to improve your services. 

3. Customized Interaction 

Everybody loves to get special treatment. This applies more when it comes to their preferred business brands. Making them feel special and wanted increases their sense of love and loyalty for your brand.

Now I know you may be saying, I send emails and messages to them every time to keep in touch. Sending emails is fine, but what does it contain? If it is always a bunch of promotional spam mails, with time, your clients will stop opening or, worse, delete them at first sight.

All these attempts do not show customized or personalized interaction. So, how do you interact with your customers to give customized interaction?

You can use various tech solutions and the social space to take your customer relations to the next level. These solutions include:

  • Live chat: Live chat brings you closer to your customer. You can talk to them about what is going on with your brand and get feedback on their ideas and thoughts.
  • Chatbots: These are the software version of live chat. It can simulate human conversations that create personalized experiences for your clients. They answer the crucial questions asked by the clients while keeping it exciting and simple. Chatbots are vital in increasing engagement.

Also, you do not need to hire any person to carry out this role. So, it saves you time and money in the long run. 

4. Generating Valuable Content 

Engaging content marketing boosts engagement. Sending funny pictures and videos and using funny lines for promotion will always attract customers. 

However, this method will keep them engaged but not conversational. So you need to keep the communication both ways. Therefore, you can try some of these methods to help keep the communication between you and your clients.

  • Asking for and posting the reviews they send you. It is otherwise known as user-generated content.
  • Games.
  • Polls and surveys.
  • Quizzes.
  • Refer and win contests.
  • Question and Answer sessions.
  • Raffle Draws.
  • Live video sessions.

All these methods depend on the kind of business you are into. You can try some of them to see if they fit your business model. The main idea is to build and maintain a solid customer relationship with your customers. 

5. Use of Social Media

The use of social media is simply the best. Due to the large traffic there, marketing and engaging with your client is easier. You can link your social media handles to the brand. 

Also, you can create content using Instagram Reels and TikTok. Create a Facebook page for your brand or open a business account on WhatsApp. Take nice pictures and put them on Pinterest and Twitter. 

After doing all these, get your customers active on these handles. Get them to like, follow, comment, and even send a direct message. Also, you should actively reply and reach out to them as much as possible.

Bottom Line

Engaging with your customers does not start in a day; building loyalty and trust takes time. But, after getting your customers to interact, do not stop doing what you are doing.

If possible, find more ways by looking at some preferences and details they mention. Then, use it to get them to stay around longer.

Also, put in the effort to make it work because it is not an easy task. But try to do things to keep your clients satisfied while making sure you are not making any losses. 

Above all, make plans before swinging into action, and keep these few pointers in mind. 

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