What to do if there is no company to attend an event?

Today the amount and variety of hobbies continues to expand, making it more difficult to find like-minded people to play board games or do yoga together. Modern social platforms give an opportunity to find a peer for any activity despite being complete strangers.

Why finding an activity of common interest becomes more popular?

It is still possible to find people of similar interests using old-fashioned ways, getting acquainted in real life and asking about hobbies and favorite pastimes. But it’s faster and easier is the use of special social networks and platforms, such as https://initway.com/, for searching peers for spending free time. Humanity has transferred a lot of activity online, from shopping to communication with friends. Social networks allow users to match with any kind of people, from new friends to long-lost friends. It is possible to connect with people by attending events of common interest together and learn about one another. In this case, the acquaintance goes smoothly and has a common ground from the beginning.

Finding people for events and leisure

Initway is a dedicated web-resource that allows people to do activities together. Users can set up events in order to do various activities together online and in-person. It is possible to find company in order to play board or online games, do sports, make parties and visit cinemas and concerts. The platform is well suitable for the following reasons:

  • the function to create one’s own event. It is possible to set up a gaming, dancing or reading sessions as well as other activities;
  • the possibility to join planned event based on your interests and location;
  • the possibility to discuss details of a future activity in a built-in chat;
  • the access to a friends list;
  • accessible and concise interface;
  • it is possible to log in by creating a new account as well as using Facebook or Google Account.

Creation of activity and joining 

In order to set up a new activity, it is necessary to complete three simple steps. First of all, the type of leisure, its possible number of participants and description is given. Then a location is chosen. It facilitates the process of finding people who wish to join you. The last step is confirmation. The activity is added to the platform as a result.

It is possible to find a desirable event to join in a tab “Find Activity”. You can join an activity after choosing a desirable choice. The tab “Search Category” gives an opportunity to narrow down the list of found results, making the choice easier. Finding people with common interests has never been easier. With Initway, you will find peers for any recreation activity and make new acquaintances

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