Juventus’ worst transfers: Eljero Elia

There have been many questionable transfers in the history of Juventus, like any club. However, despite them, the team remains one of the strongest in Serie A and Europe. By the way, today’s football results involving the “Old Lady” are always covered in detail on the sports statistics website. Here it is possible to find the results of all the team’s matches.

If talking about the main transfer failures of Juventus, then Eljero Elia should definitely be included in this list. The Netherlands national team midfielder joined the club in the summer of 2011. Back then, Hamburg received 9 million euros for him. Today you can follow all the football results of the matches involving this famous club.

Initially, the signing of Elia seemed quite a reasonable transfer. The player was 24 years old, he proved himself well in Bundesliga. His excellent speed was considered his main characteristic. It was a very important advantage for Juventus, which at that time actively used the flanks in the attack.

However, the reality was quite different. The midfielder was not able to match the level of the “Old Lady” and Serie A. He played only 4 matches during the 2011/12 season. Then the club’s head coach, Antonio Conte, quickly became disappointed with the player, and Elia left the club in the summer of 2012.

In fact, Juventus “threw away” nine million euros on a player who was of absolutely no use to the team. They quickly chose to get rid of Elia, and that is the only action that can be credited to the management of the Bianconeri.

Why the midfielder could not prove himself in Serie A

The Dutch midfielder, though very talented, was clearly overrated at that moment. He faced high expectations and failed to live up to them. If you are interested in Juventus’ games even now, live 777score is the best place to follow the current data.

So, when highlighting the main reasons for Elia’s failure in Italy, it is worth mentioning such aspects as:

  1. Lack of confidence from the head coach. Antonio Conte quickly became disillusioned with the midfielder. Although he met his requirements, he worked poorly in defense, and the connections to the attack were not effective.
  2. The style of play of the Italian championship. There is a fairly tough and closed football. Elia had no opportunity to demonstrate his speed. Because of this, the player could not fully develop his potential.
  3. High competition. Marchisio, Del Piero and Krasic, this is not a complete list of players who claimed the same position as Elia.

Given all this, it is not surprising that the midfielder could not show himself in Italy. You can follow all the current Juventus games on 777score, where are available live data of this team matches in different tournaments.

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