How To Easily Get Into The Field of Mental Health Coaching

One of the fastest-growing fields today is mental health coaching. Mental health coaching is the happy medium between clinical mental health professionals and life coaches. The field of mental health coaching is exploding, and it is a respected industry that utilizes effective non-medicine-based approaches to help patients dig deeper to overcome certain challenges.

While clinical professionals treat chemical imbalances with medication, mental health coaching utilizes many other effective approaches to help patients change their own behavior. While mental health coaching does require intelligence and compassion, it also requires certification to be successful.

Here’s what you need to know about getting into the field of mental health coaching.

What is a mental health coach?

Mental health coaching focuses on long-standing principles to unlock the doors to the subconscious mind. These breakthrough methods allow people in the metal health coaching field to do deeply transformative work with their patients.

Mental health coaching utilizes the best coaching core competencies and tools to help patients overcome mental challenges which often interfere with the direction of their daily lives. Unlike clinical professionals, mental health coaches help clients overcome mental health issues that are non clinical in nature and don’t require medication.

For instance, mental health coaching can help patients overcome anxiety, while a clinical professional may use medication to treat a patient diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. Training in the field of mental health coaching helps people understand how to differentiate between the two.

How to Get into the Field

Getting into the field of mental health coaching begins with the proper training and certification. One must first invest in themselves before they can invest in others. Training and certification in the field of mental health coaching begins with a focus on the Inner Dynamic Model, subpersonalities, and our inner parts.

You’ll want to ensure the training model you choose incorporates the ICF, ACC, and PCC credentials. The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is the gold standard in coaching credentials. An Associate Certified Coach (ACC) must complete a certain number of hours of coach-specific education, and a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) must have at least 500 hours of practical experience.

Mental Health Coaching Training

As you enroll in a mental health coaching training track, you’ll want to ensure that it is ICF accredited and offers at least 225 hours of coach training. As you begin studying and training for the mental health coaching field, you’ll gain practical field experience and make industry connections.

You must first earn your credentials and certifications before seeing clients. With the right training, you’ll gain confidence and practical experience as you earn your credentials. You’ll be ready to start seeing patients and helping them realize transformative change. You’ll have the support you need to begin a fabulous new career in the field of mental health coaching and feel great about what you’re doing. If you love helping people and are considering a career in the field of mental health coaching, sign up to begin your certification training today.

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