What are the Best VPS Hosting Services in the USA?

While comparing different types of web hosting services out there, most organizations either prefer the cost-effective shared hosting packages or more robust and slightly expensive dedicated hosting plans. A VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting package falls between the existing ranges -enabling clients to host a single or multiple sites on a single virtual private server that is dedicatedly saved for them. 

VPS hosting services are known to offer a perfect mix of both affordability and flexibility that could be the perfect solution for your business. Most of the best VPS hosting providers like VPS Server offer access to both managed and unmanaged hosting plans with ample storage, bandwidth, and RAM. 

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting is a major upgrade from the concept of shared hosting. With a shared hosting service, your website resides on a dedicated server with several other websites. It serves to be an effective solution for new and smaller websites not having access to ample resources for high traffic or file storage. On the other hand, with a VPS hosting plan, you will still continue sharing the space with other websites. However, you will not be sharing the existing resources. You will have access to your own CPU power, RAM, and storage. 

The VPS serves to be a virtual space having access to dedicated resources on a single physical hosting server. Therefore, you will have access to more CPU cores, storage, and RAM. Still, you will be limited in terms of the overall constraints related to a physical server. If you require much more than the best VPS hosting plan, then you can consider choosing the option of a dedicated server or a cloud-based server for your website. 

As your website continues growing after several years of updated content, witnessing more visitors and ranking higher in the subsequent search engines, you might consider moving up to the concept of VPS hosting. 

What is the Difference Between Managed and Unmanaged VPS Hosting?

A managed VPS hosting is meant for first-time users and small businesses who do not have access to ample time & manpower towards handling all the technical specifications. As the name implies, a managed VPS features hands-on assistance from the respective hosting provider. Right from the initial hosting setup to its installation, server software updates, and even security patches -the provider is responsible for handling it all.

On the other hand, an unmanaged VPS hosting plan will leave all these tasks to the hands of the customers. The host is responsible for providing the server and even installing the basic OS and control panel for your website. From this point, you remain in full control of the entire virtual machine. Unmanaged VPS hosting platforms are available with root access such that you are practically able to change anything. Still, self-managed servers tend to be best-suited for webmasters and developers as beginners might find the entire concept quite confusing. 

The Best 5 VPS Hosting Services in the USA

VPS or Virtual Private Server web hosting offers access to a middle ground between power and affordability -offering you the best of dedicated and shared hosting solutions. If you are in search of the best VPS web hosting services in the USA, here are some of our leading options:

1. VPS Server

VPS Server is a pioneering VPS hosting service provider that allow you to commence your hosting journey for free. You can try out the enterprise-level VPS hosting solutions by VPS Server without the overall complexity or costs of dedicated servers. With a VPS, you are able to leverage the benefits of the private server with the scalability and flexibility of the shared hosting plan. You can access vpsserver hosting with more than 15 locations across the world with its competitively priced hosting plans. 

You can leverage the benefit of the 1-7 free trial of VPS hosting services. You can see for yourself why VPS hosting solution serves the best requirement for your needs. VPS Server also boasts a friendly and knowledgeable team that is available 24/7 to offer assistance with any queries. VPS Server allows you to deploy Linux and Windows VPS. It serves to be the perfect solution for individuals and businesses looking for a cost-effective and reliable way to host websites and applications.

2. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting provides some of the fastest VPS hosting solutions out there. It particularly stands out for providing both unmanaged and managed VPS hosting plans. Usually, unmanaged VPS plans having custom features and root access are available at a higher price. However, this is not the case with A2 hosting. 

Experienced developers are able to get access to unmanaged VPS or Virtual Private Servers for around $5 per month. Moreover, with only 20 GB of storage along with 512 MB of RAM, the entry-level will not meet your specific needs. Additionally, you will also receive root access for both managed and unmanaged hosting plans. This offers improved control to ensure customized changes to the virtual server. Coupled with the cost-effective price point, it tends to make A2 Hosting a leading choice for individuals who would like to take ample control of the website. 

3. InterServer

InterServer offers amazing performance while also offering access to unlimited resources and a wide range of amazing features to protect and boost your website. The shared hosting services of InterServer are available in two formats -Windows Hosting and Linux Hosting. WordPress and other popular CMS solutions perform exceedingly well on Linux hosting. It is based on the famous cPanel or Control Panel. On the other hand, Windows is exclusively utilized for web projects that are dependent on Microsoft technologies -including MySQL or ASP.Net. 

Using InterServer is quite simple and straightforward. If you end up purchasing a domain, it is automatically activated. Moreover, the SSL certificated are pre-installed. Moreover, installation of WordPress is quite simple. You will observe that the user experience and design are not the points of focus for the company. InterServer makes use of cPanel. It is quite standard as the other hosting service providers. cPanel by InterServer is quite beginner-friendly. 

4. BlueHost

BlueHost is well-known for its service of WordPress hosting. Still, it has everything you need out of a reliable VPS hosting provider. Moreover, if you are yet to buy a domain name, BlueHost comes forth with a host of unlimited domains across all its hosting plans. BlueHost is one of the oldest hosting providers as it was launched in 1996. With this VPS hosting provider, there is no requirement of worrying about your website getting slow when there is an abundance of traffic. 

BlueHost is one of the leading web hosting providers in the world. It offers access to a wide range of hosting plans for medium to large-scale businesses and beginners with 24/7 customer support. BlueHost serves to be an excellent entry-level host in several aspects. The company will welcome the first-time site owners into the world of reliable web hosting quite openly along with a feature-rich shared server hosting solution. As the overall needs of your site develop, BlueHost introduces you to the realms of dedicated or VPS hosting. 

5. Scala Hosting

Scala Hosting offers relevant speed, support, and uptime in the VPS hosting plans. Currently, the company boasts hosting more than 700k websites while being committed to making VPS hosting solutions accessible for everyone. You will come across a wide range of hosting plans at Scala Hosting. However, the main USP of the hosting provider is managed cloud-based VPS hosting. This capability offers the freedom to get access to cloud servers of your choice while configuring them according to your needs.

Scala Hosting also provides the in-house secure hosting technologies in addition to the standard hosting plan. Moreover, all the technical aspects of the hosting like maintenance, security, software updates, and so more are handled by the team of hosting experts. Therefore, you can start over with Scala Hosting without any technical knowledge. The overall user interface of the hosting provider is modern, clean, and relatively simpler to use.

How to Choose the Best VPS?

Choosing the best VPS hosting provider should be based on various factors, including ease of use, performance, and support. Some more factors to consider while choosing the best VPS provider are server uptime, speed, managed or unmanaged VPS server, cost, and customer support. 


Website owners are expected to choose a reliable and robust VPS hosting partner for their web hosting needs. When you do not choose a high-performing VPS hosting provider, it could lead to major repercussions further down the lane.

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