There’s No Way To Get Out Of An Escape Room Without Teamwork

If you’ve ever seen a movie or TV reality show where a group of people is brought together by fate and have to work together to get out of their current situation, then you know how an escape room game works. Teamwork is essential in these games and can be the difference between success and failure.

If your workplace is based in Chicago, you’re lucky enough to have many team-building activities at your disposal. The windy city has everything with its idyllic cityscape, world-renowned cuisine, and unrivaled arts and culture. And when it comes to team building activity in Chicago, there’s no activity like an escape room!

Although escape rooms can be daunting, every team has the potential to come out on top! With only your wits and your teammates by your side, you’ll have to face a variety of puzzles that may seem impossible. However, with some teamwork and communication, anything is possible! Who knows? You might even earn a spot atop the leaderboard!

Keep reading to learn how to build a team to get out of an escape room.

When choosing your team, be discerning.

Before you can start working as a team, you’ll need to select your team members wisely. You don’t necessarily need geniuses, but it helps to have at least one or two witty individuals, even if that person is only 12 years old. Furthermore, try to pick people who are good at working together collaboratively; the more formidable and efficient your team is overall, the higher your chance of success.

Have a game plan

A helpful tip for achieving success in an escape room with teamwork is to set a game plan ahead of time. Even though you don’t know which room you’ll pick or what clues will be present, it’s good to have a basic action plan. Your game plan could entail working quickly and concentrating on the visible evidence. Alternatively, your group might choose to spend the opening 10 minutes generating ideas before searching the room methodically.

Distribute tasks

It’s always best to distribute tasks among different team members. This is a crucial aspect of effective teamwork in any setting. By spreading tasks among your team, you will work more quickly and have a greater chance of escaping the room before time runs out. For example, make one person the leader who can direct everyone’s efforts and delegate different parts of the room to search for clues. Each member has a specific task during the gameplay, which will help utilize everyone’s skills.

Share ideas and clues.

Everyone must be willing to share ideas and information to work effectively as a team. Without this level of communication, you’ll just have a group of people working independently in the same space. Keep your teammates up-to-date with your findings as you progress through the game. This way, everyone can readjust their tasks and focus throughout gameplay. Additionally, it would be beneficial to have periodic check-ins to discuss the clues and ideas each of you has gathered while progressing from one stage of the investigation to the next.

Help each other out

By working together and helping each other, we can maintain good teamwork. If one person is having trouble with a clue, others should pitch in and work on it as a team. This way, we can finish more quickly and avoid the frustration that might cause someone to give up altogether. It’s essential to help your teammates as it increases the likelihood of success and prevents individuals from guessing wrong. Each person’s input is crucial, so don’t let anyone struggle alone, as it will drag everyone down.

Companies often elect Melbourne as the location for team-building exercises. As a hub of activity and creativity, Melbourne offers something for everyone – from music lovers to art enthusiasts. Team building activities in Melbourne are so popular for a reason. You have the opportunity to take on an exhilarating challenge as a team that will also help you grow closer together and discover hidden strengths. If you’re looking for an exciting activity for everyone, head over to a Melbourne escape room.

No matter what your team is made up of, teamwork is essential for succeeding at an escape room. Use these tips to ensure everyone works together well, and no one gets left behind! So, pick your team, set a game plan, and get ready for some fun!

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