Is Thrive Market Worth the Money?

If you are searching for this question, you probably know by now that Thrive Market has a membership fee of around $60 a year. This is similar to warehouses like Costco, without offering bulk items. So is it worth it? Or would you be better off shopping somewhere else?

Thrive Market is worth it to quite a few people. If you shop enough to feed several people, enjoy having items in bulk, or would likely use Thrive at least once every other month, it might be worth the membership price. 

If you want to learn more about when Thrive Market would be worth the money for you, and how it is worth the price, keep reading. 

Do I Actually Save Money Using Thrive Market?

By using Thrive Market you are often able to save quite a bit of money per year. Most customers that use Thrive Market can save an average of 40 or so dollars every month. This means that within two or three months, you could likely make back the cost of the membership fee, and start saving money. 

Even if you don’t shop every month, if you use Thrive Market just three times a year, you are probably getting at least the cost of the membership back. 

However, if you are only shopping every few months, Thrive Market offers a monthly plan that you can stop or restart whenever you want with ease. It costs more per month than the yearly cost would total, but if you just want three or four big purchases a year, you could potentially save even more money by doing a monthly option.

On top of saving money because Thrive Market offers products for cheaper than most grocery stores, they also offer a lot of deals and sales throughout the year. Sometimes, entire categories go on sale for a day. Other times, you may get a specific discount for an item you’ve been looking at or even a store-wide sale. Also, Thrive Market offers free products sometimes just for being a member or as a part of a deal. 

If you want to work to save more money, you can also submit reviews. Sometimes, one of the items you purchase will give you the chance to earn Thrive Cash if you submit a review about them. If you are willing to pay attention to the sales and deals and spend a few minutes of your day submitting reviews on products, you can easily save money, even if you only make a few purchases a year. 

When Would Thrive Market be Worth the Money?

Thrive Market is well worth the cost, as long as you use their services often, or want to start buying products better for you, your family, and the environment.

Some reasons why Thrive Market might be worth the money are if:

  • You often buy non-GMO products, or you want to start
  • There are certain diets you need to follow
  • You want to do your part for the environment in an easy way
  • Some foods need to be avoided by you or a member of your family
  • You enjoy buying most of your necessary household products all at once
  • Going to a physical store doesn’t appeal to you
  • Spending a lot of time trying to save money via coupons and shopping at multiple stores isn’t something you want to do
  • There are no grocery stores focused on healthier ingredients nearby
  • Spending time looking at every label or investigating companies is too tiring
  • You want to try something new, and want to make sure it is safe for your family or fits your values. 
  • You are a veteran, teacher, low-income family, or student and can qualify for free memberships
  • You want to support local communities and people that need a little help

When Wouldn’t Thrive Market be Worth the Money?

It is impossible for one store to be perfect for everyone, and Thrive Market isn’t the exception to this rule. It saves money for a specific niche of people. These are people who want to primarily buy foods that are non-GMO and don’t have common ingredients that can be harmful to the body. 

Times Thrive Market might not be worth the money:

  • You are very specific about the products you want to buy
  • Prefer to go shopping in-store to see other options
  • Don’t have specific diets, health concerns, or values you want to buy for
  • You primarily buy fresh fruits and vegetables
  • You don’t often buy non-GMO and organic products and don’t really care to start
  • Environmental issues aren’t a priority for you
  • You wouldn’t buy a lot of products
  • You can’t easily hit the $49 free shipping minimum
  • You aren’t willing to pay for a membership
  • Need things quickly
  • Often forget items and need to go back to the store later that day or the next day

Also, if you’re primarily interested in fresh meat, you may want to combine it with a service like Butcher Box

If one or more of these describe you, it might not be worth the money to invest in a Thrive Market membership. If you still want to give it a try just to see though, they do offer free 30-day memberships so you can get a feel for the system. 

It is easy to cancel the free trial, so you don’t have to worry about your money being taken because you can’t get in contact with anyone. It usually takes 10 minutes or less to cancel your membership, so you won’t be waiting on hold forever. 

Lastly, remember that Thrive Market has a program for people with lower incomes and who work in certain helping professions like teaching. It’s called Thrive Gives and you can apply here.


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