How To Buy a Perfect Insulated Food Delivery Bag to Ensure Proper Transportation?

While delivering food from a restaurant or catering an event, the most important part is proper equipment to transport it. Ensuring the food is maintained at safe temperatures should be of utmost importance. The current scenario is compelling people to switch to food delivery apps and take away options. Hence, insulated food delivery bags are perfect for preserving freshness and also keeping the food intact. 

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What are insulated food bags and how are they useful?

Insulated food delivery bags are waterproof. The exterior of the bag is made either with nylon or vinyl and is designed in such a way that the food kept inside remains properly hot or cold. 

These delivery bags are quite useful as they can transport any food item like pizza, subs, wings, pasta, deli trays, pies, drinks or beverages, and more. Using these bags ensures that your pizza does not get shuffled around in pizza boxes, cans of soda don’t shake up, sandwiches remain intact and your favorite mac-and-cheese does not lose cheese during transport.

Soft-sided coolers are ideal for carrying cans, bottles, food storage containers, burgers, and even cheesecake desserts. Custom Earth Promos offer customizable cooler bags and insulated bags that are expertly crafted with recycled non-woven polypropylene which is a 5-type recycled plastic. This Delray Beach, Florida-based company proudly supports a production process of wholesale reusable bags that is eco-friendly and the products offer maximum durability and sustainability. 

Some of their varieties include:

  • Wholesale insulated cooler bags
  • Insulated grocery bags
  • Custom, reusable cooler bags
  • Large, custom-imprinted cooler bags
  • Large, promotional cooler bags
  • Large, insulated wholesale bags
  • Insulated, drink cooler bags
  • Custom, freezable insulated bags

Exterior material

The exteriors of insulated food delivery bags are made of nylon or vinyl. Both materials are water-resistant and are best for delivering food in any weather condition.

1) Nylon insulated bags:

  • More expensive than vinyl
  • They are breathable
  • Allows steam to escape and keeps food warm
  • Best for delivering pizzas

2) Vinyl insulated bags:

  • Less expensive
  • Don’t breathe easily
  • Tends to capture moisture
  • Results in fast food deterioration
  • Perfect for short destination food deliveries

Types of closures in insulated food bags

The main purpose of an insulated food delivery bag is to ensure that the food remains hot or cold as much as possible while transporting it from the kitchen to the customer’s doorstep. 

Closures help to keep the food intact with minimal movement during transport. They also ensure quick packaging with inbuilt designs that can be easily used. Hence, a good quality closure on the bag is essential for this purpose. 

Closures can be:

  • Hook and loop closure
  • Zipper or Velcro closure
  • Side release buckle closure for added protection

Insulated food delivery bags are designed to carry cans, bottles, sandwiches, deli trays and pizzas with ease. The bags may be designed for top loading or end loading. They should also be collapsed down when not in use so that they can be stored in small spaces too. Custom Earth Promos takes note of all these details and makes the most affordable and convenient to use reusable food bags for you.

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