Aftermarket Rims 101: Why are Moto Metal Wheels so Widely Admired? 

Not for the mainstream.

For the loud.

For the unapologetic.

These are just a few ways which Moto Metal Wheels describe their company’s products and ethos. And unlike the big-time aftermarket rim manufacturers across the country, Moto Metal has the figures to back up these claims too.

Established in 2002 in Denver CO, Moto Metal is owned by the same company that owns the much-vaunted KMC Wheels marquee. But they are sold separately and even cater to different types of drivers.

Unlike the more conservative KMC car wheels, Moto Metal was always intended to go for the kill – without exception. Their origins can be traced back to Motocross and dirt racing competitions. Why, many champion racers have gone on to reap rich dividends on these rims alone!

Which leads us back to square one: why are they hailed so widely? Why do so many people across the United States and across the world buy their rims?

The following points might offer insights.

Moto Metal Wheels: a rich legacy

2022 marks 2 decades since the brand was established. In these two decades, the company has gone from strength to strength. It is now firmly in control of what is a very competitive market indeed.

It does not matter whether you drive a prim and proper sedan for the suburbia or a heady SUV (perhaps even an ATV) for those trails where eagles dare. Moto Metal has your back.

Let’s break it down a bit more.

1. They look absolutely amazing: This is a no-brainer. Put any reasonably well-known company’s products side-by-side with those made by Moto Metal, and the odds are high that the latter will seem by far the most attractive.

This would be a pretty contested statement were it not for some proper caveats. You cannot mix and match cast rims with forged rims manufactured by KMC Wheels or Fuel or any other brand. Furthermore, looks are always subjective. 

You might like the bright hues and the shiny blacks and chromes of the car wheels manufactured by Moto Metal. But your best buddy might not.

However, there is one compelling reason to haul this point up. Several companies have actively and elaborately copied the manner in which Moto Metal’s rims are finished and the way they are polished and machined. One of them would be Ion Wheels, although we will certainly not mention any particular model.

2. Brilliant engineering at work: When you are buying a set of the latest Moto Metal Wheels, you can be sure that you have the very latest engineering techniques and breakthroughs at your disposal. This s a company that has always been at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies and are even known for their proprietary and patented methods in flow-forging and other futuristic techniques.

In short, you have the best rims available in the market barring the ones which are actually customizable. Savini and Lexani are 2 names that crop up instantly when it comes to customizing and handcrafting rims which do not have an equal. 

But every set of those exquisite rims that Lexani churns out are also a lot more expensive than what Moto Metal has to offer. That’s something to give you pause.

3. Building for the future: Moto Metal has often been singled out for particular praise for their super-durable and deluxe rims that are as easy on the suburban asphalt as they are on the wild and dusty trails. But they have also started attracting attention for being one of the first movers to dedicate full ranges of rims only for high-end EVs!

Of course, electric vehicles are the future, never mind the long queues that are forming as more and more people await the delivery of their pre-ordered Tesla models. All the big names – Bentley, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Lucid, BMW, and even Porsche all have their luxury EVs lined up. Some have already been showcased.

If Moto Metal can capture this nascent niche, the sky would be the limit for the Denver giant.

4. Attractively priced: We tried to save this till the moment you got this far! Yes, Moto Metal Wheels are not the most attractively priced aftermarket rims you will get in any respectable retail outlet across the United States. There are plenty of other big names that are far better at belting out very capable rims at better prices.

However, you need to be pragmatic and consider the value proposition that the company offers. Not all car wheels come with a lifetime structural warranty, something that is a given with any model of Moto Metal rims.

Besides, Moto Metal models are more capable and certainly as durable as any off-road giant in this country and across the world. This has led to a slight spike in their price tags. But when you buy their rims, you must remember that every penny is worthwhile and spent well.

Wrapping up

If you search across various expert websites and consumer forums on the Internet where Moto Metal Wheels are discussed, you will notice that it is one of the few major manufacturers which has maintained a certain amount of respect even among the pickiest clients.

That, and the fact that it has an excellent dealership network across the country, are some more reasons why these rims are valued so highly. If you are looking for financing options, perhaps an appointment with executives from outlets like California’s AudioCity USA might be of assistance.

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