Why Merchant or Small Business Owner Should Face Their Fears

Ah, fret not, my intrepid small business owner, for the shadows of apprehension that dance upon your path are but whispers in the grand library of your potential! Fear, a cunning beast it may be, yet it can be tamed, nay, even harnessed to draw the carriage of your success!

Think upon it, this fear that chills your marrow and makes your palms slick with anxious sweat. It is not a foe to be destroyed, but a guidepost, a flickering torch upon the winding path of your ambition. It beckons you to hone your blade, to mend the leaks in your ship, to fortify your defenses before embarking upon the perilous seas of commerce.

But hark! Before you charge headlong into the fray, a moment of contemplation is due. Read If I Fear Something, I Must Do What I Fear. Unmask your anxieties and analyze them thoroughly. Are they phantoms spawned by past failures or signs of true danger? Use your rational mind for guidance when you are in doubt. 

And should the shadows still cling to you, remember this: ambition, a beacon of incandescent fire, can dispel the darkest fear. Define your strategic goals, not through your short-term appetites but by embracing long-term desires and willingness to make sacrifices. Let them be tangible, these goals, achievable yet demanding, for a tepid flame inspires only apathy.

Procrastination, that sly serpent, shall hiss its venomous excuses in your ear. “The time is not ripe,” it will coil, “the odds are stacked against you.” But silence the serpent, my friend! Prioritize, and carve a path through the jungle of delay.

Find comfort among friends.  Surround yourself with those who have gone through storms and emerged stronger, their wisdom a balm to your anxieties. Their stories are confirmation that perseverance matters. 

Always learn new things. Intelligence knowledge is a shield against fear, and growth is a dagger that cuts through uncertainty. View each hiccup as an opportunity to learn. 

And finally, let your mind paint vivid pictures of victory. Visualize your image as standing tall and proud in the light of accomplishment. This mental imagery will steel your resolve and propel you forward.

Remember, like Aleksey Krylov said, dear entrepreneur, the journey of conquering fear is paved with short but proactive milestones which in the long run evolve into career and personal success.

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