Where to find a lot of subscribers to the Telegram channel

If you need to increase the number of subscribers to your Telegram channel or group, then you need to find a reliable service.

How to find subscribers for a Telegram channel

In recent years, the popularity of the messenger Telegram has grown by leaps and bounds. It has become a convenient and safe place for communication, but above all a niche free of competition, on which you can make good money. You can create your own channel/group, gather subscribers and publish your content there. And earnings will come from advertising. And here the question arises, how to gain subscribers in v-User Telegram Bulk Message Sender?

The best service to get inexpensive 100 subscribers to your Telegram channel is https://lowcostsmm.com/. For other social networks there are likes and views. Tik Tok, YouTube and Instagram have their own sections with services.

That’s exactly what we will talk to you about today. We will tell you how and where to recruit people and much more.

Why is it recruiting and not invitations

Why do we want to talk about recruiting and how it’s better than invitations?

This is a great way to start your group/channel in Telegram at lowcostsmm You can add subscribers to your Telegram channel at a minimal cost without any risk and also to gain weight of the group. In the future, it will help to attract live and active people. A person, seeing that someone is already subscribed to the channel, is more likely to subscribe himself. Subscribers, views and likes at low cost can be found at https://captainsmm.com/. Social media such as Instagram, YouTube or Telegram are available.  

Many managers of already promoted and successful Telegram Channels recommend starting with recruitment, because it has a number of advantages compared to the usual promotion by invitation.

Let’s consider what exactly are the advantages of Telegram.

First, it is the speed. If you want to promote your channel in a short time, if you do not have time to wait until people subscribe themselves, then the enrollment is what you need.

Secondly, the price. At lowcostsmm, you will definitely be able to buy subscribers to Telegram channels and groups cheaply. On average, the cost per subscriber is less than 1 ruble.

Thirdly, it is reliability. For a certain amount of money you will get a certain number of subscribers. If from other advertising (for example, advertising on other channels) you don’t know exactly how many people will come to you, here you know exactly the final number of new participants, because you yourself assign this figure.

Yes, this method of recruiting participants has its disadvantages (which we will talk about later), but it is still worth your attention.

How do I get more subscribers on Telegram

Accrual of people is possible with the help of various software and services that offer such services. People, who are interested in the recruitment, often face such notions as “live subscriber” (a real account of a real person) and “non-live subscriber” (a bot).

The difference between them is one – one is active (i.e., they view your posts, vote, share them with other people, etc.) and the other is not.

Bots in Telegram, as a rule, are added and bought at Lowcostsmm to increase the number of subscribers and only at the initial stage. Live people are always getting scammed.

Differences in types of recruitment

To be honest, it’s hard to call it a recruiting of live people, because it’s more likely a promotion. Because you can not just order a certain number of live subscribers and forget about it. On the contrary, you will have to constantly try different ways of advertising, to analyze the result and choose the most effective way. Also, you will not know exactly how many people will subscribe.

Recruiting a live audience has always been and will always be a more complicated process. It requires a great deal of time and finances. While one bot will cost you 1 and a half rubles, a live subscriber will cost 8 to 10 rubles.

Therefore, do not be fooled by too low prices. Services that offer recruiting live people for 2.3 rubles, most likely recruiting you simple bots. And other services offering their services for a higher price will use the methods that we describe below. They will only be intermediaries. Usually such services are resorted to if they themselves do not have time to do it.

So, how to attract live people:

  • Advertising on other Telegram channels,
  • Advertising in other social networks (eg, in communities of VKontakte),
  • Directories (both in Telegram itself and on third-party sites),
  • Yandex or Google contextual advertising.

These are the most popular ways to attract a live and active audience. Also, these methods are good in that you can choose your target audience.

How to recruit bots in Telegram:

Bots can be recruited with the help of special online services. Below is a list of the most popular:

  • TMSMM.ru
  • Lowcostsmm.com
  • Sociogramm.ru
  • Progressium.com

Below we will talk with you in more detail about each of these services.


This project specializes in promoting Telegram. This service is quite popular and in demand. This is mainly due to the lowest cost per subscriber – 0.99 rubles and targeting.

Namely the ability to choose a target audience (choice of country and gender) makes this service one of the best among its counterparts. Although there is some sense in it, because TMMnakrut only bots (as written on the site).

The minimum order can be 100 subscribers, and the maximum – 15000. The object of promotion can be either a channel (open, closed), or a supergroup (open, closed).

Here you will also be able to gain:

  • Views,
  • Votes,
  • Score on storebot.me,
  • Ratings on tchannels.me.

You can order here as follows:

  • Go to the official site tmsmm.ru
  • Register and log in (the buttons in the upper right corner).
  • Then you will get to your personal account, but before you start working, you will need to go to the specified e-mail address and confirm the registration.
  • On the left you can select one of the services, and then click “Add task”.
  • Next, specify all the necessary parameters of the order and click “Add task”.

In order for the task to be performed, it is necessary to top up the balance (on the left below).


This project offers the same services as tmsmm:

  • Subscribers,
  • Viewers,
  • votes,
  • Ratings in storebot.me,
  • Ratings in tchannels.me.

The project also offers promotion of other social networks (VK, OK, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

Also, the main difference is that here you can choose between the foreign bots (mainly Iranian accounts) and RU/EN (mainly Russian accounts).

Also, you can order views for several days in advance (for example, for 10 posts every day for a week).

To use the services of Sociogramm you need:

  • Go to Sociogramm.ru
  • Choose the section of the site “Telegram” “Subscribers”.
  • Choose one of the services and click on it.
  • Enter the link to your channel/group to the right, enter the number of activities and press “Add to Cart” (you can also choose country and gender when ordering RU/EN).
  • Go to your cart and place your order, filling in all the required fields and choosing your payment method.

It may take anywhere from 3 to 36 hours (depends on the queue) before it starts. There will be no more than 1500 hits per day.

Also service will add an additional 15-90% bots to compensate for possible unsubscription.


This software specializes in the promotion of social networks, including Telegram.

Service is quite popular among Telegram users. Reviews he has mostly good, which inspires confidence.

In total, the service works with 15 social networks, and can also drive traffic to the site.

To place an order, follow these steps:

  • Go to the website progressium.ru
  • In the top navigation menu, select “Telegram.”
  • Next, select one of the services, and then enter your email and link to your channel.
  • Select the number of times and then click “Order”.
  • After checking the parameters of your order and press “Pay”.
  • Choose a payment method that is convenient to you and pay.

After these steps, the service will add people to your channel.

Pros and cons of recruitment

Let’s from all of the above, let’s highlight the main pluses and minuses of the recruiting with the help of services.


  • A great way to gain the first weight of the group/channel,
  • High growth rate,
  • Low price,
  • You know exactly how many people you will get in the end,
  • Large selection of software where you can gain weight.


  • Predominantly bots,
  • Some may unsubscribe,
  • Inactive audience.

As for the recruitment of a live audience through advertising, there is one major advantage – live and active people (they signed up for you of their own accord, which means they are interested in the content). There is also one major disadvantage – the high cost of advertising.

Bottom line

Today we have reviewed with you the recruitment of the audience to the channel/group in Telegram, learned what advantages it has compared to invitations.

Now you know everything about it and can decide for yourself whether this method of promotion is suitable for you. We hope this article was useful for you.

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