Sustainable & Ethical Fashion Brands for Men

What is sustainable and ethical fashion?

Sustainable & ethical fashion takes into account factors that have been hidden behind the superficiality of trends before these movements. Such as ethical, humanitarian, and ecological aspects of production. These brands disapprove of fast fashion practices and appeal to conscientious customers while adding value to brands and products.

Sustainable, eco-conscious, and slow-fashion brands seek to create products without harming humans, animals, or the environment. They educate their customers about how they practice their mission statements and why all these matter. They employ workers with fair wages and in suitable workplaces in the name of humanity. They work with environmentally certified textiles, or they upcycle fabrics or clothes that would otherwise end up in landfills. Curating vintage clothing, cleaning and fixing them is also a way to care for the planet and join the slow movement. And another super bonus is that most of them offer clothes suitable for an interview.

…and why is it good for you?

Slow fashion is not only about adding sentimental value to your wardrobe though. It teaches you a mindset and needs for high-quality materials and an appreciation for details. They go hand in hand with minimalism and luxurious high fashion. It helps you build a wardrobe where every piece will have a story to tell, all of them will take a unique place in your heart. This way you can declutter the unuseful pieces that don’t make you happy anymore.

Let’s see a few examples

The easiest way to start your shopping is through looking either for specific styles or for occasions. We prepared a list for you to get started.

Outerknown – traditional wear

Outerknown is a great place to find checked blanket shirts, khaki pants, sweaters, trunks, and puffer vests. The main point of their mission is to prove that we don’t have to compromise on style for sustainability. The most unique part of their webshop is that they provide a platform to sell preloved Outerknown products, as ‘Outerworn’. Take a look around on their site if you are into traditional everyday fashion with a modern twist.

Asket – minimalist wardrobe staples

Asket prides itself on creating high-quality basic wardrobe staples that can be combined and will stand the test of time. This minimalistic mindset led to their slogan ‘the pursuit of less’. You will love their clothes if you appreciate minimalism and high-quality basics.

Everlane – essential basics

Everlane provides a wide range of high-quality wardrobe staples with a minimalistic approach. They are one of the most transparent brands in the sustainable fashion market. They publish the detailed cost of making the specific item you are looking at. Find this detailed list in each product description.

Naadam – all cashmere

Naadam is a brand for cashmere lovers. If you are into this super cozy, soft, and warm fabric, while also looking for sustainable solutions, you will love what they do. Naadam can provide high-quality clothing at a fair price by cutting out the middlemen in sales and giving part of that margin to the local, Mongolian herders who do the actual hard work. The other part of the margin helped to reduce the price of the final products while also keeping this amazing brand alive.

Pact – the world’s first

Pact was one of the first pioneering sustainable fashion brands. ‘Their roots run deep in organic farming. They use sustainable crops, organic farms, and chemical-free dyes. They also partner with Fair Trade Certified™ factories to ensure safe working conditions, empower employees, uplift local communities, and promote a sustainable environment.’

Todd Shelton – classy minimalism without fraction

This brand is probably the most practical for everyday and casual men’s wear. They seek to reduce fractions in the daily routine of getting dressed. But they manage to do more: they reduce fractions during shopping too. They save you time and headache with their service of home-try-on. Standard fit, and custom fit options also support men enormously while they are looking for a new favorite piece. Their clean webshop and essential designs keep serving their customers at the highest standards.

Patagonia – traditional and sportswear

The USA-based brand Patagonia creates functional clothing for mountain and outdoor sports. Their founder ​​Yvon Chouinard was a passionate climber, and outdoor enthusiast who was invested in protecting nature. They use recycled plastic, and natural materials, such as hemp. They also focus on creating high-quality products that will stand the test of time, reducing waste.

Pangaia – essential home and streetwear

Pangaia is based on three pillars: science, purpose, and design. Their mission is to create a brand and business model that brings value to the world and is better for nature than if it would not exist. If you aren’t really into science, this brand will change your mind. They use dyes created from bacteria powered by ‘Colorfix’. This unique solution creates the most vibrant hoodies, track pants, and T-shirts. Their signature texts printed on the top right side of the clothes are now copied by fast fashion brands. Don’t get fooled though. No other brand could say: ‘This T-shirt is treated with peppermint oil to keep it fresh – saving water, energy, and time.’

Organic Basics – essential basics and underwear

The Copenhagen-based brand is a pioneer in trendy minimalist basics and underwear. Their marketing is also on point, shopping on their site is an experience, and apparently low impact as well. Their products are designed to last, which also leads to designs with function and simplicity. If all this is not enough, they do a great job educating about fashion too. And their body-friendly manifesto and openness set an example beyond our expectations. Their no photoshop policy and the employment of non-professional models aim at changing unhealthy practices and ideals set by the fashion industry. 


Shoes are probably the most personal part of our outfits after underwear. It is rarely something you could thrift or borrow, so finding your go-to sustainable shoe brand is essential if you are conscientious about your fashion choices. If you are into sneakers or just looking for a comfy pair for free time activities or running errands, Veja is the brand to turn to. But when you need a traditional pair with iconic design for more casual events or meetings, R.M. Williams shoes will lead the way. If you are into something more pioneering in between sneakers and tradition, check out Third mind: they create designs that look like dress shoes but they feel like sneakers. Even the sound of that feels comfy.

Whatever you choose, go for high-quality, natural or recycled, and ethical. Create your own rules and stick to them. Educate yourself and your community. And enjoy the countless options you now have to shop conscientiously.

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