Construction Begins at the Conceptual Stage

The construction process is long and tactful that includes five stages beginning at the conceptual stage. Contractors and others often have services such as preliminary estimating services to understand and make decisions at the conceptual stage. These can be simply planning/design, pre-construction phase, procurement of all the materials & labor, construction activity, and finally post construction. 

While all of these are important, the conceptual or planning stage provides for the start of the project. It includes all the activities carried out before any given project is improved for construction.

Conceptual Stage

Long before any building or project is constructed, there lies the idea and an intention out of that idea. This stage is called the conceptual stage.

This is the first stage of any construction project. It comprises all the decision-making and planning. Simply put this stage and its activities include these three steps:

Programming and feasibility of the project.

The idea includes many aspects concerning feasibility that are hidden or unclear. Furthermore, the objective or goal of the project is under consideration. Hence, at this stage, the project owner and his team outline the objective and make decisions about the space, rooms, size, scope, and other things. This way, the project initiation document is made.

Schematic design of the building.

Moreover, a sketch of the building is made. This is made to include space, material, color, and texture. This sketch is later helpful in design development. This way the material and equipment are researched and utilized in the building.

Contract documents.

Finally, project plans are finalized. These plans actually prove useful during the bidding process. It provides contractors and others to understand the plan and also place their bids. This is how the appropriate contractor is decided and hired for the project.

Factors Considered During this Stage

This stage mainly revolves around decision-making. This concern certain factors as a mean for project owners to consider and make decisions. These factors are:

Possible Construction Materials

Every construction project required construction materials. Although the conceptual stage does not have the complete details of the material, still project owners can get estimated details of construction materials. These details can help them make the right decision. They can have construction takeoff services against the existing project plan.

Cost of the Project

Just like construction materials, cost plays a crucial role in decision-making. Project owners have to decide whether they can afford the project or not. Also, whether they need investors or not and what sort of investor would be sufficient. This can be possible with estimating services.

Scope of the Project

Simply put, project owners have to decide whether the project is worthwhile or not. The scope of the project plays an important role in the decision. As the project owner and his team find the objective of the project meaningful, they hold a better tendency to approve of the project.

Options for Acquiring

Material is acquired, labor is hired, and equipment is rented. Their presence is vital for the project. As construction material, labor, and equipment requirements are clear, the next question is whether they can be arranged at the construction site or not. This too is an important decision.

Project Plan

The plan itself says a lot for the owner, contractors, architects, and others. If the plan is understandable, it is easy for the actual construction as well. Hence, the plan plays an important role as well to convince the concerned individuals about the project.

All these contribute to helping clarify the idea and make the right decision about the idea. This way, the resources mainly finances are spent in the right manner for the good of all. 


The conceptual stage is an important stage of the construction of any and every project. This mainly comprises decision-making and all the steps to plan the actual construction. The first sketch and then the project plan is made in this stage. Various factors contribute to facilitating decision making such as construction materials, cost, plan, and scope of the project. in this regard, contractors, engineers, architects, and others can benefit from the accurate preliminary estimate.

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