How To Prepare for Your First Off-Roading Trip of Summer 2022!

Looking ahead to those one-of-a-kind activities that the summer season brings? If you’re a Jeep owner, that could include an off-roading trip. You may also be thinking about an off-the-beaten-track camping adventure. Your Jeep was made to handle the off-road environment, but it pays to be prepared and plan ahead, especially if you intend to spend some time sleeping under the stars.

A toolbox, first-aid kit and extra fuel are most likely on your prep list. With ample food and water, a flashlight, and a reliable cellphone included, you should feel you’re set to go. There is, however, an important factor to think about before you leave the pavement behind. This may be a good time to consider increasing your Jeep’s off-the-ground clearance by upgrading to a set of high-diameter 37 tires.

New Tires & Rims

Are your tires up for the terrain you’ll encounter once you leave the road behind? Should you be concerned that you’ll bottom out if you ride over a large rock? How about getting stuck in mud? It’s best to be prepared for the type of ground surfaces you’ll be driving on. You may discover that the tires that have been doing well in the worst type of weather on pavement may not be best suited to particularly extreme off-road terrain.

If ground clearance is a concern, you can get tires for your jeep that have an overall diameter size of up to 37 inches. Depending on your Jeep model and current tire size, you may also need new rims. In some cases, a lift kit will help your suspension system better accommodate a significant tire-diameter increase.

Does it sound like there are loads of options to choose from? Well, there are! In addition to your best tire-diameter choice, you may need to decide between all-terrain, mud-terrain and hybrid-terrain tires. Sidewall strength and load ratings could also become part of the equation. Getting expert presale technical assistance can make a big difference in your post-purchase off-road experience.

New Camping Options

Off-roading and camping were made for each other. Your Jeep can take you far beyond the RV parks and “developed area” campsites; welcome to the world of boondocking. Whether you choose to call it “wild camping” or “dispersed camping,” spending time camped out on undeveloped public land could alter your relationship with the world around you. There’s also a way to help ensure you’re making it a much better relationship. You have the option of staying dry and removed from pesky ground-crawling intruders in a Jeep roof top tent.

Sleep in comfort and out of harm’s way in a surprisingly roomy ARB 4×4 or Smittybilt roof-top unit. Roof-top tents are made to last and feature durable materials that can withstand harsh outdoor environments. Mounted securely to your Jeep’s roof while you drive, they set up easily when your reach your campsite destination.

Once again, there are loads of sizes and options to choose from, but finding what your need is easier with a reputable seller that connects you with knowledgeable customer-support team members. If you’re a true Jeep enthusiast considering more aggressive tires, a roof-top tent or a Jeep TJ hard top upgrade, the right retailer will offer the assistance you need to make your best possible choice.

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