How to Get the Most Money Selling Your Computer

Updating the equipment is a necessary measure. One of the main reasons for the obsolescence of electronics is the rapid development of technology.

Choosing a new computer is much easier than figuring out where to put the old one. The most profitable thing is to sell. Some may ask: is my computer too old or damaged to sell?

A used computer may become a convenient option for a child or a novice who is just beginning to work or study on a PC. And, don’t forget about students who don’t have enough money to buy a new expensive technique.

But how much can one gain on selling an Apple PC, and where to put it up for sale? And is it possible to sell equipment and earn decent money from it? The answer is yes, but to get profits from selling, you need to know some nuances first.

Please read the article about selling my computer and find out useful things.

How Do I Sell an Old Computer?

Mainly, when selling a personal computer or other equipment for the home or office, we find buyers via four directions:

  • Among individuals: friends/fellows.
  • By placing ads on the Internet (websites and specific forums).
  • In pawn shops.
  • In purchasing organizations.

The price one can gain from the sale of equipment, is very different, depending on the chosen method of selling the PC.

Five Tips To Make The Most Money By Selling PC

If you want to understand what should I do before selling my computer, follow given recommendations.

Price monitoring

This must be done first. For example, your old electronics may lose value for modern consumers, which means there is only one option left – to give the device away for free.

If you are selling products in demand, for example, a computer purchased no later than 5-7 years ago, study the current prices on the secondhand equipment market. In addition, you should understand the characteristics at least a little to determine an adequate cost of your PC.

Assemble a complete set

If you want to sell a computer at a high price, be sure to make total preparations. Try to find the warranty card, receipt, user manual, and many other documents provided by the device manufacturer. Moreover, assemble all the cables and input devices (mouse, keyboard), which were supplied with your device. This will help you to increase its value a little.

Pre-sale preparation and photos

It is crucial to take care of the appearance before selling a PC. Sometimes, it may happen – MAC works fine, but a disgusting photo in the ad or an untidy appearance repels potential buyers. If your PC or laptop looks like it is standing near the kitchen stove that is being used daily, forget about high price.

Do you want to sell a PC as expensively as possible? Clean the equipment, wash off all stains if possible, remove scuffs and other external defects. After that, take high-quality photos (it is better if a professional photographer makes them).

Write a proper description

Do you want to sell your machine on terms favorable to you? Then, highlight some of the features and advantages of your PC in the first lines of the offer.

For example, if you have an old system unit but have a thousand-gigabyte hard drive in excellent condition! Feel free to write about it in the first sentence of your ad.

Or maybe you have an old laptop, but its motherboard comes with a perfect upgrade prospect. Also, specify this in the first lines of the ad.

How can I identify my computer’s specifications? Which items should you specify in the description?

When placing an ad, be sure to specify:

  • type and model of a system unit;
  • availability of disk drives;
  • type of RAM;
  • type of CPU sockets;
  • type and volume of the video card;
  • the external condition of the device, including connectors, ports, as well as features of previous use;
  • version of the licensed operating system;
  • component manufacturers.

Applications and licensed software

If you bought computer programs (operating systems, additional applications, and so on), install them on your computer, if possible, before selling them. Don’t forget to attach the license keys as well. Thus, you can sell your device for a higher price since the new owner will not need to purchase the software himself.

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