How does numbing cream work on tattoos?

You must have often heard of tattoonumbing cream. Tattoos are quite trendy. But one thing that scares people is the pain. Getting tattoos is painful. That is why people often use tattoo numbing creams to get away from that pain. These can be in the form of a cream or numbing spray. 

But people are often confused about which one to use. If they actually work or not? This is because there are a number of brands available on the market. This makes it difficult for people to decide which one to go for. That is why in this blog, we have discussed several aspects of numbing cream for the skin

Do numbing creams have any effect on tattoos?

If you use the right and safe tattoo numbing cream, it will not have any negative effect on your skin. They are completely safe for numbing your skin or other sensitive areas. If you apply these creams properly, they will not have any side effects. These creams numb the area for about 3–6 hours and work like normal anesthetics. It helps you avoid any kind of pain during the process, and you can sit quietly and get your tattoo.

Once the process is done, you can remove the cream, and the area will be healed in some time. But many people do not like to apply numbing cream. They see avoiding pain as showing weakness. According to them, pain is part of getting a tattoo, and one should bear it. 

But I think getting numbing cream is not at all a bad idea. One should definitely use it to get their dream tattoo. Getting your favourite tattoo by using numbing cream is a pain-free way to get the tattoo you want. Hence, if you want to use a numbing cream, then go for it and don’t hold back. 

Things you should consider while using numbing cream

If you have decided to use numbing cream, you should definitely use it. Here are a few things that you may want to consider when using numbing cream on your skin. 

  1. Place and size of the tattoo

Tattoo Numbing Cream can be used on the site of your tattoo. They work most efficiently in sensitive areas like the neck, ankles, ribs, etc. The tattoo creams are very useful for relieving pain. They can be used for larger areas as well, like your hand, back, or chest. This will help you avoid the pain that you might suffer otherwise. 

If you are having a small tattoo, which may take just a few minutes or only one hour, you may not apply numbing cream. But if you are getting a large tattoo on a large part of your body, then it gets difficult to bear the pain for hours. In such situations, using numbing cream becomes the best option for you. 

If you want to use numbing cream for a small tattoo also, then you can use it. But remember that the place will be numb for 4-6 hours. 

2: Pain tolerance

Different people have different pain tolerances. If you are someone who can’t bear pain, you can use numbing cream. But if you are someone who can tolerate a lot of pain but does not want to get that stingy sensation, then numbing cream is the best option for you.

3: Sensitive skin

If you have sensitive skin, you need to avoid certain creams and lotions. To be safe, read the label of the numbing cream you are about to use. This will make sure it doesn’t contain any such contents that may cause you any kind of sensation. You may also consult a dermatologist before getting a tattoo. He may tell you your skin type and which numbing cream will suit you. 

Which numbing cream should I use?

There are basically three types of numbing cream that you can find on the market. Each of them has different types of combinations and ingredients. You should choose the one that will suit your skin the best and will not cause any kind of skin irritation or sensation. The types are as follows – 

  • Nerve relaxants basically deaden your nerves for some time, preventing the pain from reaching your brain. This way, you won’t feel any pain. These are considered to be the most safe and are used by most tattoo artists. The main ingredient in this cream is lidocaine. 
  • The next one is nerve blockers. These numbing creams block the signals from reaching your brain in order to prevent the pain. The main ingredients used in this cream are benzocaine and tetra Caine. This helps to avoid the tattoo’s pain.
  • The third is vasoconstrictors. It basically blocks the blood flow to prevent any kind of swelling or bleeding. The main ingredient used in this cream is epinephrine. 

Tattoo creams are nowadays encouraged by most tattoo artists. As it allows them to work without any kind of sensation, you will sit calmly. They can work more efficiently this way. It is completely fine to use numbing creams. In fact, it will enable you to get your perfect tattoo without any pain. The tattoo artists can work effectively without any breaks. Not using numbing cream may cause you discomfort and make it take more time to get your tattoo. 

Final words 

If you are thinking of using numbing cream for a tattoo, you can surely go for it. Numbing creams do not affect your tattoo design at all. So, it’s completely fine, and it will not have any effect on the ink of your tattoo. Some might fear that it may change the color or design of your tattoo. But don’t worry; numbing cream only reduces your pain and does not have any effect on the design or color of the tattoo. It is totally up to your choice whether to use numbing cream or not. But using the cream will not have any side effects on your skin or tattoo design. 

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