Work in Japan for foreigners

What vacancies in Japan can Russian girls count on? Which specialists are the easiest to get a job in this country?

More and more, Russians visit Japan to make money. Some are driving blind, while others are trying to keep abreast of everything that is happening in the country they are going to visit.

Finding a good job in Japan for a foreign citizen in 2021 is not as easy in principle as it is in any other country.

Working in Japan is both hard and easy. Easy – because there are special institutions in Japan that will help you find a job. Difficult – because you will need a brilliant knowledge of the Japanese language in order for you to be able to freely communicate with people and understand what they want from you. There are several recruiting companies in Japan that help foreigners find employment. And for this you must be so-called bilingual foreigners, that is the name of those people who speak at least two languages. Often, those who are fluent in several languages ​​- English and Japanese – find Work in Japan for foreigners faster. 

The starting salary can range from 160,000 to 200,000 yen. However, if you have a bachelor’s degree, your salary will rise to 180,000 – 250,000 yen per month. See for yourself the yen rate, as it may change from time to time. Also, you are guaranteed to have a prize of a different nature, such prizes are issued several times a year. The amount of the premium usually depends on the profit of the company during the specified period of time. In addition to this, some organizations take upon themselves the payment of transport, rent an apartment and pay extra if there are children. By law, the employer must also pay for insurance (work insurance, life insurance, health insurance) and pay interest to the Pension Fund. Taxes are deducted from salaries, approximately 10 percent of the above amount. The most important thing for a foreigner is a work visa.

Many have known for a long time that the Japanese are hardworking people. Very often legends and anecdotes are made up about the hard work of the Japanese. Japanese go to work However, the management system is probably the main criterion for such a stable economy in Japan. Japanese management is generally based on collectivism. Every Japanese has such personal qualities that a European will have to cultivate in himself for a very long time. Hard work, honesty, total dedication, responsibility, the desire to achieve something more – all these qualities are present in almost every Japanese from birth. Arriving in China, it will be important for employers to know if you can work like a cog in a large and well-coordinated mechanism. 

Many Japanese do not understand why European people change jobs so often, even once a year is already a lot. The Japanese are very loyal people, they have been working in the same institution for decades, there are even cases when a company has hired an employee for life.

Before heading to Japan, you should consider whether you are ready for a busy work schedule. In Japan, you can get a work visa, however, for this you need your employer to make a grant and invite you to work. If you do not plan to pay certain people who will find you a job, then we advise you to join the labor exchange upon arrival. In addition, you can find a job by advertising in a newspaper, on the Internet or just on the street. In order to work in Japan, you need an apartment, and to rent an apartment you need a guarantor (a person who will vouch for you). In case of non-payment, this person will have to pay for your apartment. Many employers only offer jobs to people who are fluent in Japanese.

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