FTMO review and how to choose a funded trading program.

Are you wondering what the FTMO broker is?  And if it’s a good funded trader? How can you choose the best funded trader accounts for yourself? Here in this article we will give you a detailed FTMO review. And how you can choose a funded trading program.

What is an FTMO trader?

It is a prop trading firm working on the principle of a prop company. To activate yourself as a prop trader on FTMO, users must complete a two-step active trading stage. At each step requirements are set in such a way that allows maximum allowable daily loss and profit. Total margin of loss is 10%. Here is a little comparison of FTMO with others:

  • If we compare it with others they have a loss margin of 15-20%. 
  • It has a low cost starting from €155 which as compared to others is quite low. 
  • Availability of standard platforms like MT 4 and MT 5 while other companies having their own platforms.

Main features of company:

Overall rating 6.6
Execution speed 6.39
Investment instruments 6.81
Withdrawal speed 6.45
Trading platform 6.97

Advantages of FTMO:

Here is a list of advantages you can get by forex funded accounts:

  • It is also beneficial for the company that partners with the trader.
  • They can trade in a larger amount.
  • Funded traders do not have to use their own capital instead they use other companies’ capitals.
  • You will get a positive image in the trading industry as only trustworthy companies get the funded trading account.
  • Although you need to prove your skills and pass the evaluation test to get started.

How to choose a funded trading program?

Traders can do trading with enough leverage rate by the help of a funded trading program. It improves the liquidity in the trading market. According to this program you and the prop firm share the profits when you achieve the goal. But selecting the funded trading firm and program is itself a big task. There are a lot of things that you need to consider before selecting a firm for your partnership. forex trading online

Here are a few tips you can follow to select a funded trading program:

Overall experience:

When it comes to selecting a company for funded trading, you should do your proper research, monitor the work of the firm and preview old experiences of customers. You can also sign up for the free trial period and experience the whole process from free trial to partner withdrawal. 

Check the features:

Before selecting the firm for your funded trading you must examine their funded program features. Check out the features, types and parameters of working.

Assess the value:

You can find a leader in their funded programs. Let’s suppose you get a unique offer with a superior price point. 

Trading conditions:

Get complete information about programs, their fees, trading parameters, withdrawal speed and its limit.

Security and protection: 

There is a high risk of getting scammed in case of funded trading. So you should choose the company that has a good reputation and offers you security and protection.

Licensed company:

A licensed company is the best choice one can have. License is a thing which you can’t get easily. Such companies have proven themselves. So make a choice with a company with a license. 

Are funded trading programs worth the trust?

It depends on the choice you make. If you select a company that is right to work with, your experience would be good. But if you choose the wrong company then your money and trading is at risk.  But trading experience is trustworthy or not it depends on person to person, company to company or experience to experience.

Hence your experience of funded trading highly depends on the choice you make. 

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