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Contoh Pidato Peringatan Hari Sumpah Pemuda Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Jakarta – Telah banyak sekali pidato yang disampaikan dalam memperingati hari Sumpah Pemuda yang jatuh setiap tanggal 28 Oktober. Pidato yang menggelorakan semangat sekaligus renungan bagi para pemuda generasi penerus bangsa.

Contoh Pidato Peringatan Hari Sumpah Pemuda Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Dari sekian banyak pidato tentang peringatan Hari Sumpah Pemuda, pidato yang tertulis dalam bahasa Inggris ini memiliki makna yang mendalam. Setiap katanya tersusun dengan baik dan berbicara tentang keberagaman dan semangat dari para pemuda yang seharusnya terus dijaga hingga saat ini.

Perayaan Sumpah Pemuda yang ditandai dengan dibacanya teks asli di naskah Sumpah Pemuda membawa kita mengerti secara benar tentang harapan dan keinginan para pemuda Indonesia di jaman tersebut.

Anda bisa menggunakan pidato Hari Sumpah Pemuda dalam bahasa Inggris ini untuk dibagikan kepada teman dan keluarga lewat bbm atau update status di media sosial yang anda miliki.

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Berikut adalah contoh pidato peringatan Hari Sumpah Pemuda yang dilansir dari beberapa sumber, Senin (27/10/2014) :

Celebrating Youth Pledge Day

Assalamu’alaikum wr.wb

To all the blissful youths, youngsters and audience,
Seventy nine years is a quite long time and journey for a generation of our nation that time. In October 28 1982 past, the Indonesian youths from all the elements of society gathered in Jakarta. They said a resolve in a pledge known as Youth Pledge.
Today, we all a
re going to celebrate again that historical day, namely Youth Pledge Day. This shows that as a great nation we should always appreciate and adore all the merits and sacrifices of the patriots in reaching for and upholding the independence of Indonesian Republic.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports has determined the topic of this the 79th Youth Pledge Day celebration is about “Improving the solidarity, integrity, and professionalism of youths in order to reach for prosperous nation with dignity”.
Therefore, I am grateful, let’s extend our prayers to Allah Swt, the One and Almighty, so that all of us, especially for youth generation could be given the power physically and mentally in carrying on the struggle in developing the nation to achieve a better life in the future.

Pidato Bahasa Inggris Sumpah Pemuda – Celebrating Youth Pledge DayTo all the honorable ceremony participants,
every time we celebrate historical days, we need to commemorate for a moment about how great the struggles carried out by our great predecessors, the fighter of nation in upholding the independence that had been achieved at that struggling time, everything was carried out cohesively and corporately between people and all of the powers existed. Their fight was heedless of time, their struggle was unappreciable. It’s because without considering their wealth or families, they only went for a goal, namely independence of nation.

Youth Pledge Day in 1982 is one of decisions which was born from many deliberations and long talks carried out by Indonesian youths at that time that was a pioneer of the founding of Indonesian Republic.
Youths must be the head of the spear and the pioneer for the journey of this nation and be able to carry out the mandate of reformation. Do not get ourselves into conflict phase and discussion that is actually unneeded and only wasting the energy.
Therefore, in celebrating this Youth pledge day, let’s develop the spirit of nation’s unity, nation’s morality, and along with the betterment of nation’s human resources which are discipline, independent, and professional with the mastery of science and skills.

This celebration of 79th youth pledge day also has deep and strategic meaning in our nation’s efforts in mending the quality and showing the identity as a great, qualified, authoritative, and dignified nation.
In other side, youths are also demanded to be creative and innovative in facilitating the execution of decentralization or region autonomy. Thus, hopefully the results of development could be felt to spread unevenly into remote sites of some regions.

To all the honorable audience,

Indonesian youths as the inheritors of nation’s cultural noble values, the successors of noble goals of nation’s culture struggles, and human sources of national developments, are supposed to prepare and determine the resolve, and optimize the roles in embracing the unity, enhancing the human resources of Indonesian youths as a concrete effort to achieve continually national developments.

If we look back, one of the main pillars from national development is national unity. In national unity with all of its Bhinneka (Diversity) is implied by the power to face all the challenges that pump up our nation to stand along with other nations.

In the same line with this, I invite you through the moment of youth pledge celebration to make it a trigger for our spirit to always develop the unity of nation, develop the participations and supports to the developments that takes side on the concerns of youths as our nation’s successors.

Our attentions and cares towards the growth and development of youths must be increased so that our nation’s generation can grow stronger, not weak generation neither physically nor mentally.
With the participations from all sides and supported with those visionary views of youths and their maturity in thinking that prioritize more the interests of people and nations.

To all the honorable youths and audience,

that’s all the welcoming speech I could convey, I wish Allah, The One will everlastingly provide His leading and guidance to all of us.


(Dwi Kristyowati – sisidunia.com)