4 Perfect Crystal Necklaces to Style Your 2022

The way we feel about ourselves is determined by numerous factors. However, one of the easiest ways to boost your confidence is to wear an outfit you feel powerful in. Great outfits are all about details. Jewelry has the power to transform even the most basic clothing pieces into a polished, fashion-forward look.

Crystal Necklace is versatile, easy to style, and full of personality. They came in different shapes, colors, and styles, catering to your specific needs. Here is how you can express yourself through these gorgeous crystal necklaces and style them with your favorite clothing items.

Ruby Heart Necklace – $60

Authentic ruby stones are known for their vibrant red color. They exude purity and passion. These stunning stones should be the star of your outfits. The bold red color exudes powerful energy that will make you look and feel bold and energetic. Three genuine ruby stones used on this necklace form a captivating heart shape. Furthermore, the 14k gold vermeil of the necklace enhances the beauty of the stones. Try pairing this enchanting crystal necklace with white and black clothing. The red color of the crystal will provide a contrast to the white and black outfits making the necklace eye-catching.

Amethyst Tablet Pendant – $90

For centuries purple color was reserved for the royals. In turn, purple is viewed as powerful and charming today. Amethyst symbolizes serenity and grace, as well as spirit-healing. This makes it the perfect crystal to wear daily. Additionally, this beautiful crystal looks amazing when paired with gold, making this combo your go-to necklace. On top of that, White topaz makes this necklace even prettier. The details around the pendant with airy white topaz highlight the beauty of the amethyst stone. The delicate nature of the necklace will make your everyday outfits look elegant and polished.

Nifty Rose Quartz Pendant – $90

Rose quartz is one of the most famous crystals. It is believed to effuse vibrations of love and boost feelings of peace. This subtle, yet lovely crystal looks great against the skin. Wearing a rose quartz necklace will enhance your natural beauty and give a soft finishing touch to your outfits. The beauty of the endearing rose quartz on the pendant is enhanced with arctic fox detail in 14k gold vermeil. You can also layer this rose quartz necklace with other chains to achieve a trendy look. Although rose quartz can be paired with anything, to complement its blush shade pair the pendant with white shirts, baby pink sweaters, and beige dresses.

Black Onyx  Necklace – $75

Black onyx is believed to emit the energy that helps you adapt to various situations and surroundings. This makes the black onyx necklace the perfect choice for events and nights out. The deep black stone looks mysterious yet luxurious. The pendant of the necklace is adorned with arctic fox and fine zircon stones. 14k rose gold vermeil gives the necklace a modern look and enhances the beauty of the deep onyx. This necklace looks amazing when paired with cocktail or elegant dresses. You can also wear it with your favorite suits and feel glamorous and dominant. 

When shopping for crystal necklaces the authenticity, brightness of the crystal, and craftmanship will greatly impact the way your necklace looks. Furthermore, you should only buy from brands that invest in quality. Here, on golstonjewelry.com, you can browse among a vast collection to spice up your everyday look, complement your style and personality.

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