The Immersive Visual Experience of HONOR Magic4 Pro

When it comes to creating a captivating and lifelike virtual environment, the screen of a smartphone is really essential. HONOR has a long history of being a leader in the technology behind smartphone displays, and the HONOR Magic4 Pro is a continuation of that legacy. It’s almost as if you’re staring at something from another planet when you look at the screen on this smartphone because it’s that sharp and clear.

The display of the HONOR Magic4 Pro and the features

Outstanding OLED Display:

The OLED display that is featured on the HONOR Magic4 Pro raises the bar for screens found on mobile devices. The OLED technology results in graphics, movies, and still images that have extraordinary levels of detail and clarity. This screen’s wide color gamut, excellent contrast ratios, and deep blacks make it a pleasure to use for a variety of activities, including watching movies, playing games, and creating graphics.

Full screen mode displays content without any additional black bars on the side.

The full-screen and bezel-less design of the HONOR Magic4 Pro ensures that the available viewing surface is utilized to its greatest potential. Because there are fewer objects that are vying for attention, it is simpler to concentrate on the action that is taking place on the screen. The utilization of full-screen video, the internet, and applications all add to an experience that is more immersive.

Push Button for a Temporary Reset:

Because the display of the HONOR Magic4 Pro has a fast refresh rate, both games and animations may be viewed in a fluid manner. Scrolling is more fluid, transitions are more seamless, and motion blur is reduced to a minimum on a screen that has a refresh rate of 120 hertz. When it comes to gaming, having a high refresh rate offers a number of benefits, just two of which are increased responsiveness and immersion.

Support for HDR10+:

Because of its built-in HDR10+ capabilities, the HONOR Magic4 Pro offers improved contrast as well as more accurate color reproduction. High Dynamic variety (HDR) is a technology that allows for a greater variety of color and brightness levels to be displayed on a screen. This allows for images to appear more vibrant and lifelike. The display on the HONOR Magic4 Pro will captivate your attention regardless of whether you are viewing an HDR movie or an HDR snapshot.

Maintaining the Health of Your Eyes:

HONOR is aware of the importance of wearing eye protection, particularly when staring at a screen for lengthy periods of time. The HONOR Magic4 Pro offers a more relaxing viewing experience thanks to its display that does not flicker and its technology that reduces the amount of blue light it emits. Both of these facets have received certification from TÜV Rheinland. Because of these qualities, the tablet is perfect for engaging in prolonged activities like reading, surfing, or watching films.

Perspective That Can Be Modified:

The HONOR Magic4 Pro allows the user to personalize the display in accordance with their preferences. The color temperature, color saturation, and display modes of the screen can all be customized according to the preferences of the user. You can make adjustments to the display settings to achieve a more natural color profile as well as brighter colors if those are two things that are important to you.


In terms of its ability to mesmerize and excite viewers, the screen of the HONOR Magic4 Pro is unparalleled to that of any other display. The gorgeous AMOLED screen, edge-to-edge full-screen design, high refresh rate, HDR10+ compatibility, eye comfort features, and configurable display settings of the HONOR Magic4 Pro ensure that users will have an experience that is both visually and intellectually stimulating. Your experience of watching films, participating in gaming, and conceptualizing original ideas will all benefit from the display of the HONOR Magic4 Pro. Get ready for a really unique and amazing visual experience brought to you by the screen of the HONOR Magic4 Pro.

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