Is Flag Football Safe for Young Kids?

Do your kids love to play football during their spare time? However, you are concerned about your kids getting injured while playing the game. You might have heard about serious instances where players have experienced neck and head injuries. But, playing youth flag football is a different thing. So, should you allow your kids to play flag football without concerns? In New Jersey, Bergen County, and other places, flag football leagues have started gaining the attention of many young players.

Know about the flag football game

Unlike other football variants, flag football is a non-contact sport. Instead of tackling each other, players have to snatch a fabric piece (known as a flag) from the belt of the opponent. The game can be played without body armor and helmets. Your kids need to focus more on their skills and speed (and not force).

The main things needed for playing flag football players are a number of belts or flats and a football. You can purchase these things from a sporting goods store. But, some flag football players like to wear pads (for elbows and knees) and soft shell helmets. Most commonly, young people like to play flag football. That is why several youth organizations and schools arrange flag football tournaments for fun and entertainment. 

In the case of traditional football games, physicality is the most important aspect. As it is a rough sport, parents and players are concerned about injuries. So, if you want to play a football variant, flag football is the right choice. Your kids will be able to enjoy the game without the risk of potential injury.

Are the kids playing flag football risk-free?

Many parents are still worried about their kids when they engage in flag football games. How will your little ones capture the flag? Can a player get too aggressive or excited? So, you often assume that the game may become too physical. 

Sometimes, adults also like to take part in the flag football game. Why? They do not want to get hurt while playing their tackle football games. Thus, you may also allow your kids to play the flag football game.

The risk of injury and accident is always present in every sport. But, in the case of flag football, the injury risk is comparatively low. It is safer than other outdoor sports like rugby, hockey, and tackle football.

Check the field condition before playing flag football

Field conditions may affect the player’s safety. It is essential to inspect the football playing field before starting the gaming sessions. There should be no debris, bumps, holes, or other problems on the field. Uneven ground, trees, and rocks may also cause hazards to players. You should mark the field with proper boundary lines. Address the issues to keep the playing surface safe. 

Overall, flag football is one of the safe sports for your kids. You can ask them to wear a mouthguard while playing football. The game rules should not allow flag guarding and physical contact. 

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