4 Smart Watches That Are Too Cool for School

Does a school-going student need a smart watch? The answer is yes, and why not? Nowadays, technology has become more advanced than it ever was. The analogue watches now feel like outdated fashion wear. Now, it is the era of smart watches. 

Smart watches have many features to assist students in different ways. For instance, one can set alarms, track workout performance, and record health information like pulse rate, blood pressure etc. Moreover, all students feel that anything they have should be the best. So, here we are with a list of top-notch models of smart watches a student must have. Towards the end, there is a secret hack to assist you in selecting the best smart watch for your child

Top 4 Smart Watches for Students

There is a vast range of watches available in the market. However, selecting the most suitable one by yourself can be confusing. Therefore, we will list four stylish watches with hi-tech features for helping students. 

A Smart Watch to Monitor Stress

Smart watches with a 1.69-inch Ultravu display are one of the most advanced ones in the market. Students who love participating in sports activities will love this watch because of its 60 different sports modes. Moreover, it comes with SPO2, pulse rate and steps monitoring system. 

Being an IP68 water-resistant watch, it works without interruption for extended periods. The large display of the watch also shows phone notifications. This feature helps students to make sure to get all important notifications before using the phone. 

The Sleep Monitoring Smart Watch

Watches with sleep pattern monitoring are a blessing for students. This feature notifies students when they need to sleep as per their waking time to get enough sleep. It comes with a 1.83-inch display that has 240 by 296 pixels. 

The IP68 certification makes the smart watch water-resistant. Moreover, it shows multiple information on the screen like steps, pulse rate, calories burned, etc. In addition, there are different types of activity-based tasks. As a result, students can monitor their sleep and many other responsibilities. 

A Smart Watch to Make Calls

There are many watches, but have you seen the one that can make calls? If not, then here is the one which allows you to answer calls using Bluetooth. It has several unique features that can help students to reduce their screen time. 

A watch with a blood pressure monitor, audio recorder, sports activity tracker, music storage and player, calling, health suite, and many more. The 1.8-inch LCD display makes it a way too cool watch for school. 

A Smart Watch to be on Time

Watches were fashionable accessories before becoming the hi-tech, miniaturized version of smartphones on your wrist. This watch features a round-shaped AMOLED screen to bring out the classical look of a watch. 

It has a vast specifications list, including heart rate monitoring, call access, music storage and player and various sports activities trackers. It allows students to set time alerts so that they are always on time. 

A Secret Tip to Buy the Best Smart Watch

Every brand tries to develop a watch with all possible abilities to make it smart. Many watches have a unique set of features, making them top-notch watches. However, there are only a few top-tier brands that have the best smart watch available in the market. 

The tip to buying one such watch is that it should have a stylish design, high-quality display, alarm, and many more. Along with all of these, additional features like Bluetooth calling, sports activity tracker in their watch is a plus point. 

Final Say

One of the trendiest watches are offered by brands such as Fastrack, Titan, etc. An ideal smart watch must have hi-tech features with great looks. The above-listed examples are top-tier watches suitable for both techie and fashion-loving students. Buy the most relevant smart watch available in the market today!

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