How to Choose a Comedy Show in Covent Garden

Do you fancy going to a comedy show when you are in Covent Garden? There are many venues around London that host some fantastic comedy shows that will have you laughing long after the gig has ended.

But, we all know that comedy can be subjective. There are going to be some comedians you like more than others. This is just the name of the game. Yet, there are ways to ensure that you enjoy your night. Here are some tips on how you can choose the best comedy show in Covent Garden.

View the Venue Website

First of all, you are not going to enjoy the comedy show if you do not like the venue. So, the first thing you should do is research the different comedy clubs that are in Covent Garden. You can read reviews from previous visitors and make sure that the place is welcoming, clean and has a good atmosphere.

If you have never been to a comedy club before, you might not be sure what you are looking. So, we will make it easier for you. Visit and view the comedy shows that are on offer. You can find a date and day that suits you, as well as see what comedians will be performing. Comedy Carnival is a favourite venue in Covent Garden that many people like to go to.

Read About the Comedian

Once you have found the venue you want to attend, you can see what shows they have.  The comedy club will tell you the names of the comedians you can expect to see during the show. Then, you are going to be able to read about the comedian. There can be biographies available on that venue’s website. Alternatively, you can use Google and carry out your own research. This way, you know everything there is about a comedian.

All the information you find can allow you to evaluate whether you are going to like the show or not. People have their own idea of what is funny and what stories they can find offensive. You want to ensure you have a great time, and learning about the comedian in advance is a good way to do this.

Pay Attention to Reviews

Previous members of the audience can be a big help when it comes to choosing a comedy show. They can alert you to hilarious performers and shows they think others will like. Alternatively, they can warn you about a particular comedian and whether they are controversial or boring. Yes, everyone has their own thoughts about comedians. But, reviews can reveal patterns, and often, if the majority of people think something, there can be elements of the truth.

Therefore, you want to take your time and pay attention to reviews from other people. You can take a look on the internet and see what shows have been reviewed previously by members of the audience. Take your time and read some of them to see what everyone is saying. This might save you some time and money or just give you peace of mind before you go to a comedy show.

Watch Videos on YouTube

Sometimes, it is not enough to read about comedians on the internet. Instead, you can gain a better idea of what their comedy style is like when you view videos of past performances. Thankfully, this is where YouTube comes in. You can watch many videos, and there will be some posted by the comedians themselves, as well as members of the crowd. 

Thus, when you find a comedian that you think you might like, you can watch videos on YouTube. This can give you a better idea of whether you are going to enjoy the show. It can give you peace of mind, and you can ensure that you will not be offended or bored when you go to the comedy club. What’s more, you can know that the show will not be a waste of your money or time. 

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