Aretha Franklin: The Untold Story of her Husbands

Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul, captivated the world with her mesmerizing voice and unparalleled talent. Throughout her illustrious career, she made headlines for her music, her activism, and her personal life. While much is known about her musical journey, her romantic life often remained shrouded in mystery. One aspect that intrigued many was her relationships and marriages. Among the various chapters of her personal life, her husbands held a significant place. Let’s delve into the untold story of Aretha Franklin’s husbands.

1. Ted White

Ted White was Aretha Franklin’s first husband, and their union was marked by both love and turbulence. They tied the knot in 1961 when Aretha was just 19 years old. White was her manager at the time, and their relationship was a whirlwind romance that eventually turned tumultuous. Despite their initial affection, the marriage was marred by allegations of domestic violence. Aretha endured abuse during this period, and their marriage ended in divorce in 1969.

2. Glynn Turman

Following her divorce from Ted White, Aretha found love famoushunk again in actor Glynn Turman. They married in 1978, and their relationship brought a sense of stability and companionship into Aretha’s life. Glynn Turman was known for his roles in television and film, and his marriage to Aretha Franklin added another dimension to his public persona. Their union lasted for six years before they eventually parted ways in 1984. Despite their divorce, Glynn Turman remained a close friend of Aretha’s, reflecting the enduring bond they shared beyond marriage.

3. Willie Wilkerson

Aretha Franklin’s third engagement was to Willie Wilkerson, a longtime friend and confidant. Their relationship was characterized by a deep understanding and mutual respect. The engagement was announced in 2012, marking a new chapter in Aretha’s romantic life. However, the wedding plans were called off just a few weeks later. Aretha cited various reasons for the cancellation, including conflicting schedules and the desire to focus on her health. Despite the engagement being short-lived, Willie Wilkerson remained a significant figure in Aretha’s life.

4. Glenn Turman (again)

In a surprising turn of events, Aretha Franklin rekindled her romance with Glynn Turman years after their divorce. The couple had maintained a close friendship over the years, and their bond eventually led them back to each other. While they never officially remarried, their reconciliation spoke volumes about the enduring connection they shared. Glynn Turman continued to be a source of support and companionship for Aretha until her passing in 2018.

Aretha Franklin’s husbands played diverse roles in her life, shaping her personal journey in different ways. From the tumultuous beginnings with Ted White to the enduring friendship with Glynn Turman, each relationship left an indelible mark on the Queen of Soul. Despite the challenges she faced in her romantic life, Aretha Franklin’s resilience and strength shone through, cementing her legacy as not only a musical icon but also a symbol of perseverance in the face of adversity.

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