A Costly But Valuable Lesson in Indoor Cycling

Do you have a low opinion about cycling? If so, then you need to reconsider it, or even reevaluate it. We say so because too many people are unaware of the benefits of cycling every day. Besides being a great source of adventure, the exercise provides an opportunity to get fit evenly. It tones all your muscles and you don’t have to worry like when you skip leg day at your gym. This is why many people are going towards Indoor cycling with their training bikes. This way they can avoid the pollution and traffic in the roads and get a peaceful work-out every day.

Cycling is Not a Sport for the Weak Hearted

But, there is also another fact that needs to be discussed. Cycling everyday needs a lot of commitment. It needs a steady mind that will push you even in those lean days when you feel like quitting. That is why the exercise is not for the weak-hearted, we would say. But, if you think you have a strong will, and you will definitely get through that hour of riding, then you must get into this wonderful habit.

Get a New Exercise Bike for Better Experience

If and when you are ready, then we would suggest you to go for Online cycling with the Vingo app. This app can give you the outdoor experience while you exercise indoors. All you need is a smartphone and an exercise bike. If you are sceptical as to which model you need to buy, you need not fret, for any basic model will do. Or, if you feel like you need the best experience out of the app, then you can go for some of the latest models. The new ones come with a lot of features in them, and you can connect your phone with them too.

Connect Your Bike with the Vingo App

Once you get your bike, you can install the Vingo app on your iPhone. Then, you can connect the app to your training bike via Bluetooth. Once paired the app will automatically connect with your bike whenever you need it. The Indoor cycling app is intuitive that way. You can then explore the features inside it. Features like virtual maps, avatars, voice chat, are all stacked inside the app to give you, the user the best online experience.

Workout in the Virtual World

You can select from a range of virtual locations inside the app and start cycling into them. As you move, you will notice the scenery moving beside you. You can explore the entire world of Vingo, one map at a time, every day. The virtual world experience keeps you motivated & glued to your exercise bike.

Cycle or Run Along With Friends

To make it even better, you can invite your friends into your virtual bike training sessions. All of them can join you on your selected tracks and you can all have a grand time together while you exercise. How is that for fun and fitness?

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