FAQs About Globex360 with Detailed Answers Broker that You Might Ask Yourself?

Whenever you first hear or read about a particular thing (in this case, it is a broker), you have so many questions popping your mind. And if you also have some questions about Globex360 broker, then never mind because it is quite normal.

Well, it happens because you have incomplete information about the Globex360 broker. These questions are great for you because it will take so much time if you start getting complete information about the Globex360 broker.

But you can eliminate your confusion straight away by getting answers to your questions. That is why we are here to help you out. So, let’s get straight into it:

Can I Trade With Globex360 Broker as I am a Non-African?

Yes, but not……..

Almost every non-African trader thinks this question at least once, and there are two or three reasons behind that. Globex360 is a South African broker that was first launched by keeping only Africa in mind. Moreover, it is not that famous in other countries like the UK and Australia.

But it never means that you can’t get its services outside Africa. You can always start your trading career with Globex360 from any region of this world except:

  • The USA
  • Belgium 
  • Canada

The USA is one of the biggest FX and CFD tradings, but still, Globex360 is not available there. So, if you are from any of these countries, you can’t use Globex360 broker; otherwise, there is no problem with doing that.

What are the Trading Hours of Globex360 Broker?

Well, it is a complete topic that wants a bit more time than what we have. But we will still answer your question. The simplest answer to this question is that you can trade with Globex360 broker from Monday 00:00 to Friday 24:00 with server time: GMT + 2. So, it is one of those brokers who work 24 hours a day with two holidays on the weekend.  

Does Globex360 Broker Offer Islamic Account?


As we all know that Islamic is a real big religion and a part of this world, so if a broker (especially a new broker like Globex360) want to get more clients, then it has to offer Islamic account. Perhaps, this is the reason why Globex360 broker is offering Islamic accounts on every account you open. 

And that is a plus point of this South African broker. In the Islamic account, everything is provided according to Sharia. (you can’t understand it if you are a non-Muslim)  

Does Globex360 Broker Offer Demo Account?


Just like Islamic account demo is also extremely important for a broker to make the client (trader) happy. But we can say that a demo account is more important than an Islamic account. You must always enjoy this feature whether you are a beginner or an expert. But it is more effective for beginners.

  • Pro Tip: Always remember! If a broker is offering a demo account then it means that this broker is legit and safe because it is giving you a great chance to check it. And think! Will a scammer let you know that he is a scammer unless he betrays you?


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